The rule of law or the law of rulers?



The United States has been a country of the rule of law since its founding. A country where unlike many of the countries of Europe that had kings and dictators, Americans believed that no one person, regardless of his position in life, is above the law. “Equal Justice for All” is engraved above the front entrance to the Supreme Court of the United States. When America was a colony of Great Britain, the kings made the laws, enforced the laws and the very same laws that applied to their subjects did not apply to them, they were “above the law,” free to do as they please.

When America became a nation of their own, the Founding Fathers decided that America did not want a king, a ruler whose reign was followed by the reign of their heir, not one chosen by the people. We became a republic, where the citizens elect their leaders, are free to choose their own religion or choose no religion, own property, the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And importantly, equal protection under the law, judged by their peers, not ruled over by a monarch or dictator.

Today that rule is being challenged by those who wish to lead this country in a totally different direction. A country where they bow down and kiss the ring of their ruler, a person they believe can do no wrong who they follow unquestionably. No matter how morally depraved he is, misogynistic, hateful and corrupt, they worship him. A cult of people, many of which are supposed leaders themselves, who believe their leader is immune to the laws of America. If he is charged with a crime, they cry immunity. If he is convicted of a crime, they cry rigged and unlawful, even though found guilty by a jury of his peers. If he spews hatred or speaks of violence, inciting his followers and it is reported on, the reply is do not believe what they truthfully report, believe what we tell you. It goes from “he never said that” to “that’s not what he meant” to “yes, he said it so what,” he is immune to our laws and morality.

People who vote on policy and vision for the prosperous future of the country and the world around us are what we need. Voting for compassion for our citizens and for the world are what we need. We may disagree on how to achieve it, but it is part of our rights to disagree. But voting for the hatred of others, mocking the disabled, demonizing others who are of a different color than you, speak a different language than you, forcing your religious beliefs on others because you feel your god is the only god, is morally corrupt and against the Constitution, which guarantees not only freedom of religion but freedom from religion. The destruction of the rights of women, taking from them their right to choose. Discriminating against those who choose to love another, regardless of gender or color because “God and my leader tell me it is not right.” It is not that we disagree about policy or vision, it is because we disagree about what is moral and right.

If you choose the hate over love, it is because your morals align with them. I know you feel he is bold and tough and you feel less insignificant in a world you do not understand, that it is easier to let someone think for you than to understand for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

Our differences are not over politics. Our differences are over right, wrong and our morality. Are we to continue to be a country of the rule of law or are we bound to become a country that becomes law by rulers?

Steve Creed

Fayette County

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