Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

March 30 – 1035 N. North St.

Received call on business phone line occupant has a burning smell in the house. On arrival FD found no smoke or fire showing. FD made contact with the occupant who stated that she had just finished cooking a pizza but smelled something burning after turning the oven off. FD investigation found a metal baking sheet inside the oven with grease and burned food on it. FD checked the kitchen with a thermal imager and detected nothing else in the area that was hot or burning. FD cleared the scene.

March 30 – 352 W. Court St.

Received station tone for report of a motor vehicle accident with injuries. On arrival FD found a 2-vehicle accident motorcycle into a passenger vehicle. Fayette County EMS was attending to the motorcycle rider and was being loaded on arrival. The occupant of the passenger vehicle was found uninjured. FD established a safe work area and controlled traffic. FD spread oil dry for a small gas leak coming from the motorcycle. FD cleared the scene.

March 29 – 416 Kathryn St.

FD received a call for a carbon monoxide check. FD arrived on scene and didn’t detect any carbon monoxide at the time of check. FD advised the occupant of their findings from the check. FD advised the occupant to have some carbon monoxide detectors installed.

March 27 – Highland Ave.

FD dispatched to an accident with injuries with one vehicle un stabilized. Upon arrival the passenger side of the vehicle was suspended approximately eight feet above a waterway. The driver had self extricated prior to arrival. One passenger was still located in the front passenger side. FD utilized struts and jacks to stabilize the car from underneath. After stabilization the passenger was assisted from the vehicle by Washington Police Department officers and checked by Fayette County EMS. FD remained on scene until car was removed.

March 27 – 342 W. Court St.

FD received call for a fryer fire that had already been extinguished. FD responded and ensured there were no additional issues as a result of the fire. FD checked Surrounding area with thermal imaging cameras. FD disconnected the electric service to the fryer, and advised the manager to have the equipment inspected by a technician. FD also advised manager to have fire extinguisher serviced by appropriate personnel. The fire was extinguished prior to the activation of the cooking hood system.

March 25 – 1425 Pearl St.

Received station tone from Fayette County Sheriff Dispatch for a report of a power line down. On arrival, FD found a low hanging phone/cable line low hanging over the street. Line found to be an abandoned phone/cable. FD cut the cable to remove the hazard.

March 24 – 618 W. Market St.

Received call on business phone line from occupant requesting a gas check. On arrival all occupants were outside of the structure. FD made contact with the occupant stating that he had picked up natural gas with an at home meter. FD investigation found a gas leak in or around a wall heater. FD shut off natural gas at the control valve for the heater. FD opened windows to ventilate the residence. A second gas leak was found to be coming from one of the burners to the gas stove. FD turned the stove off to stop the leak. FD used a battery-operated positive pressure fan inside the residence to clear out all remaining gas inside the structure. FD cleared the scene when the meter showed zero ppm throughout the residence.

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