Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Feb. 26 – 1211 Columbus Ave.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a carbon-dioxide alarm activation, requesting the business to be checked. FD was informed at the time of arrival that natural ventilation had been started prior to FD arrival. FD investigation found the alarm strobe was not activated and the enunciator keypad alarming (660pm). Further investigation traced the supply line from the exterior storage tank which had recently been refilled (possibly overfilled), to the dispenser units inside the business and detected no drop in oxygen levels. Staff advised the alarm reading was higher before calling and had dropped with natural ventilation. FD reviewed the operation manual and advised to contact the servicer for repairs and / or assistance with resetting the alarm.

Feb. 25 – 1430 Columbus Ave.

Received a call from security reporting a burning smell/odor in the hallway of the emergency room. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival. FD investigation utilized thermal imaging cameras and was unable to locate the source of the reported odor nor did it find any problem / issue during its’ investigation.

Feb. 23 – 120 W. Court St.

FD responded to the smell of something burning. On arrival, Firefighters made contact with the employees who advised the hot smell was coming from the laundry dryer. Firefighters checked the dryer and found the top of the machine was overheated. Firefighters unhooked the machine and advised to have repairs made.

Feb. 23 – 1400 Old Chillicothe Road SE

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. While responding, dispatch advised of a false alarm. The response continued but was downgraded to non emergency. On arrival, firefighters made contact with building staff who advised the alarm was in test mode for service. Firefighters made contact with the Silco employee who advised there was no problem. Firefighters cleared the scene.

Feb. 21 – 250 Glenn Ave.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. FD was advised of a false alarm while en route. The response was continued non-emergency. On arrival, FD made contact with maintenance. The alarm was reset prior to FD arrival. FD checked the building, and no signs of fire were present.

Feb. 20 – 3647 Washington Waterloo Road NE

FD responded to the report of a grass fire. On arrival, FD extinguished a small fire in the ditch

Feb. 20 – 9513 Washington Waterloo Road NE

FD responded with Pic-A-Fay Joint Fire district with a grass unit and engine for multiple grass fires.

Feb. 20 – 4821 Washington Waterloo Road NE

FD responded to the report of an explosion with smoke coming from a garage. While responding, a 100 all call was requested for help at the scene and mutual aid was requested from BPM Joint Fire District, Tri County Joint Fire District and Wayne Township FD. On arrival, firefighters found a well involved attached garage on fire. Firefighters advanced a hose line to attack the fire from the open garage door. A second line was used to stop the fire spread in the breezeway. AES was requested to the scene to secure electrical utilities. The fire was marked under control and units remained on scene to extinguish not spots. The fire caused heavy damage but was contained to the garage and breezeway. All contents inside the garage were a total loss, including a vehicle. A nearby RV and automobile had heat damage from the fire. The house suffered smoke damage but had no fire damage. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

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