Hillsboro FFA attends Camp Muskingum


On the morning of July 5, 20 students from the Hillsboro FFA chapter departed from Hillsboro High school on their way to FFA Camp Muskingum.

The Hillsboro FFA chapter arrived at camp Muskingum at about 3 p.m. and the students were immediately placed into groups with different students from other schools. In these groups they were asked to work together and complete challenges as a team. That evening there was a dance held for everyone to attend and meet other students from different chapters.

On day two, the seniors and grads were given the chance to go on the high ropes course and the juniors were given the opportunity to attend the junior overnight campout off campus. The state officers also held a scavenger hunt for everyone to learn more about them and bond with them. That night, there was also a guest speaker named Rick Metzger who taught the students to never give up on their dreams no matter the challenges and obstacles they have to face.

Day three started with camptivity for the freshman and sophomores, “let’s talk ag” for the juniors, and career exploration for the seniors. The day ended with a huge scavenger hunt in the woods where the students had to work with their group to find objects hidden throughout camp. Every day the students were given free time and during that time they had the opportunity to go kayaking, motor boating, paddle boarding, swimming, archery shooting or rifle shooting. There was also a camp fire every night for the students and officers to reflect on their day.

The fourth and final day was full of fun and amazing activities. The different groups competed in the water sports competition where they were asked to compete in a water relay race, belly flop competition, cannon ball competition, sink the canoe competition, and many other fun water games with a huge slip-n-slide to end the water games. After dinner everyone attended the talent show where they got to watch many of their fellow peers and classmates show off their talents. The fourth night concluded with another dance where all the students got to interact with other students and have tons of fun.

On July 9, the Hillsboro FFA chapter headed back home after an amazing week full of new experiences and new friendships. The best part of camp was learning to work with others to accomplish many goals and to overcome any obstacles placed forward in front of us.

Submitted by Ramsey Haines, Hillsboro FFA Chapter treasurer.

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