Many recognized at MT FFA annual parent-member banquet


On April 14, the Miami Trace FFA chapter held its annual parent member banquet. The chapter recognized members, advisors, parents, and other community members that helped make the last year such a success.

To begin the award portion of the banquet, there were numerous scholarships presented to senior FFA members. Miami Trace FFA Alumni presented scholarships to Jenna Goddard, Jacob Cline, Avery Cockerill, Tannon Huff, Hillary McCoy, Blake Sollars, Kayla Burke, and Joey Fischesser. The Wendt Group Scholarship was awarded to Cameron Fannin. Caleb Bennett and Kyle Bennett were the recipients of the Steven Bennett Scholarship. There were three recipients of the Mark Garland Scholarship: Cole Little, Kelsey Pettit, and Dalton Mullins. Cameron Casto received the Evans Family Scholarship.The Billy Jo Cummings Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Eli Miller. The recipient of the Rick Cottrill Memorial Scholarship was Natalie Lindsey. The Larry Carmen Scholarship winners were Gracey Ferguson and Drew Pontious. The Rodney Miller Scholarship was awarded to Caleb Bennett and Bryson Sheets.The Robert Knecht Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Mallory Lovett and Mara Simson.

The highest honor an FFA Chapter can bestow on any individual is the Honorary Chapter Degree. This year, the chapter honored individuals are Christie Wilt and Timothy Wahl. The chapter is extremely thankful for the continual contributions of these individuals and welcoming them to the Miami Trace FFA honorary membership roster.

Special FFA foundation awards were presented to members for their efforts in fundraising endeavors throughout the school year. These awards included the top fruit and strawberry salesmen. This year the chapter fruit sale brought in over $110,000, and the strawberry sale brought in more than $22,400. Both of these sales help fund many chapter activities. The top ten fruit salesmen were Caleb Bennett($5,405), Hannah Cummings($5,341), Jessee Stewart($3,431), Garrett Carson($3,373), Ethan Bower ($2,984), Natalie/Nic Lindsey($2,660), Cameron Morris($2,143), Eric Taylor ($2,021), Gus Wilt($1,979), and Mallory/Mason Lovett($1,848). The top five strawberry salesmen were Hannah Cummings($844), Natalie/Nic Lindsey($699), Caleb Bennett($576), Cole Whiteside($534), and Ethan Parsley($453).

Multiple officers and members presented leadership awards, outstanding member awards, and scholarship awards. This year there were 12 State FFA Degree recipients: Robbie Bennett, Ethan Bower, Mackenzie Cory, Jonah Goddard, Aiden Knecht, Libby Johnson, Hillary McCoy, Dalton Mullins, Emma See, Jessee Stewart, Allie Stoughton, and Gracie Zimmerman. These members received their degrees at the State FFA Convention.

Leadership Awards are based on the FFA Leadership Profile Assessment. Members receive points for their various activities, participation, along with chapter activities. The freshman leadership award recipients received garment bags. Those recipients were: Kamika Bennett,Emma Eggleton, Anna Eggleton, Karley Hicks, River Havens, Lynnie King, Nic Lindsey, Mason Lovett, Shelby Snider, Cole Whiteside, Gus Wilt. The sophomore leadership award recipients received personalized cups. These awards were presented to Megan Brandt, Garrett Carson, Caitlin Cottrill, Hannah Cummings, Hannah Houck, Carley Payton, Cotey Payton, Emily Reeves, Eric Taylor, Lily Waddle. Junior leadership awards received personalized fleece pullovers. These recipients were: Robbie Bennett, Ethan Bower, Haley Carpenter, Nick Farrens, Jonah Goddard, Libby Johnson, Jake Manbevers, Jessee Stewart, Allie Stoughton, Gracie Zimmerman. Senior leadership award recipients received fleece blankets, these recipients were: Caleb Bennett, Mikayla Burke, Jordan Cockerill, Jenna Goddard, Natalie Lindsey, Mallory Lovett, Eli Miller, Dalton Mullins, Emma See, Mara Simonson.

Along with leadership awards, Outstanding FFA Member Awards are given each year to those most involved in the chapter activities. The top 10 outstanding members of the chapter were 1.Hannah Cummings, 2.Caleb Bennett, 3.Eric Taylor, 4.Natalie Lindsey, 5.Libby Johnson, 6.Jessee Stewart, 7.Garrett Carson, 8.Gus Wilt, 9.Cotey Payton, and 10.Mallory Johnson. The top 10 members received personalized gifts.

Every year freshman members are bestowed with the title of Star Greenhand. These members are the most involved in leadership and chapter activities throughout the year in the freshmen class. This year’s Star Greenhand was Gus Wilt. Also, one senior member is awarded the title of Star Farmer. The Star Farmers for 2023 were Caleb Bennett. The chapter also rewards a Star Chapter Agribusiness Award to outstanding seniors. Natalie Lindsey and Kelsey Pettit were honored with this title.These awards are based on how many points the member has earned over their four years in the MT FFA Chapter. This year the winner was Natalie Lindsey.

The Miami Trace FFA is also concerned with academics and encourages members to excel in this area. In order to receive an FFA Scholarship Award, a member must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5. The freshman scholarships were awarded to Jenna Bainter, Kamika Bennett, Katelyn Bock, Anna Eggleton, Emma Eggleton, Alyssa Esker, Lauren Farrens, Grace Green, River Havens, Karley Hicks, Clayden Hooks, Ellie Hoppes, Cali Kirkpatrick, Abigail Kovalchick, Nic Lindsey, Preston Lucas, Ella McCarty, Abbey Noble, Aubrey Pfeifer, Savannah Rose, Kirsten Slone, Shelby Snider, Cali Tobert, Cole Whiteside, Gus Wilt. The sophomore scholarship awards were given out to Megan Brandt, Addyson Butts, Garrett Carson, Madison Cory, Hannah Cummings, Jasmine Duffey, Hunter Havens,Hannah Houck, Mallory Johnson, Chance MacGregor, Shawn Matheny, Carley Payton, Cotey Payton, Emily Reeves, Sophia Schirm, Abygaile Steele, Eric Taylor, Kayleigh Tolle, Lily Waddle. The junior scholarship awards were given to Robert Bennett, Mackenzie Cory, Nic Farrens, Eli Fliehman, Jonah Goddard, Garrett Guess, Katie Harris, Katherine Hynes,Jacob Manbevers, Konner May, Corbin Melvin, Sue Morris, Wyatt Reed, Drake Sharp, Jylian Skaggs, Jessee Stewart, Allie Stoughton, Lexi Streitenberger, Amberly Szczerbiak, Gracelyn Zimmerman. The senior scholarships were given to Elliot Anthony, Caleb Bennett, Cameron Casto, Courtney Carter, Meghan Cory, Averey Cockerill, Jacob Cline, Sara Dawson, Gracey Ferguson, Jenna Goddard, Mallory Lovett, Natalie Lindsey, Hillary McCoy, Cameron Morris, Dalton Mullins, Kelsey Pettit, Emma See, Blake Sollars, Bryson Sheets.

The banquet would not be complete without the announcement of the newly-elected 2022-2023 FFA officers. The new officer team consists of President – Hannah Cummings, Vice President of Leadership–Libby Johnson, Vice President of Community- Cotey Payton, Vice President of Agriculture- Allie Stoughton, Secretary- Eric Taylor, Reporters- Megan Brandt and Jake Manbevers, Treasurers- Carley Payton and River Havens, Student Advisor- Mallory Johnson, Sentinel- Emily Reeves, AET Manager- Caitlin Cottrill, Publicity Manager- Karley Hicks, and Farm Manager- Gus Wilt.

The Miami Trace Great Oaks FFA is a satellite program of Great Oaks Career Campuses.

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