WCHCS building principals named at board meeting


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — Jennifer Miller and Brady Streitenberger were named building principals for the 2023-24 school year at the Washington Court House City School board meeting on Wednesday at the central office.

Miller will be the principal of Washington High School after serving as the assistant principal at WHS, while Streitenberger will be the principal of Washington Middle School after serving as the assistant principal at WMS.

Miller was hired on a two-year contract and Streitenberger was hired on a three-year contract.

In other employment news, Louis Reid was hired on a one-year contract as the Dean of Students. Elizabeth Yazell was hired as a school counselor at Washington High School for the 2023-24 school year, and Kasey Rickman was hired as a custodian at Washington High School.

Also at the board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Tom Bailey provided several updates. He spoke about the new tennis courts.

“Unfortunately, it does not look like the tennis courts are going to be ready for the spring. They need five days in a row with 50 degrees or higher as the low to be able to start the final coating on the court. They will probably be finished next month, weather permitting.”

Bailey stated that new lighting will be going up at the track and field facility as soon as the electricity is upgraded there. He spoke about the building windows and the plans to update them.

“We will be applying numbers to all of our windows to obtain compliance with the new law. We will number all of our exit classroom windows and doors, so that they can be identified from the outside. Speaking of windows, we currently have a huge window problem. The windows we have were on closeout when they were installed, meaning that there is no warranty and that they basically stopped making them as soon as they were installed into our building. We currently have a lot of faulty windows, including windows that won’t shut, windows with gaps in them, windows that will not open, and mechanisms that are breaking off. We’re going to have to systematically figure out the best ways to replace a lot of windows in the district. Some buildings are worse than others, but all of them have issues with windows in some form.”

Bailey shared that there were 13 federal grants that the district was audited on, but that all of them came back okay.

The next regularly-scheduled board meeting is set for Monday, May 15 at 7 p.m. at the central office.

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