Getting crafty with a color study


For this week’s “Getting Crafty” project, we are making our own “Color Study.” It will be an artwork like Wassily Kandinsky’s “Squares With Concentric Circles.”

Wassily Kandinsky, the famous Russian-born artist, was one of the first Abstract-Expressionists. Abstract-Expressionists usually use bold colors and other design elements to express their emotions.

Diagram 1

“Squares With Concentric Circles” was one of Kandinsky’s most famous artworks. The artwork was something Kandinsky made to study the effects of color combinations in a color study.


-paper to paint (or use drawing paper if drawing)

-paint of choice (Watercolor or Tempera)



-paper towels

-color drawing media, preferably markers (to look more like paint)


First, let’s learn about Wassily Kandinsky by watching this video—”Wassily

Kandinsky-Russian Artist Biography and Facts”—at

Diagram 2

After watching the video, we will fold a piece of paper in fourths. Fold the paper in half making the short sides of the rectangle touch. Then fold it again making the short sides touch. When you open the paper there should be four equal parts.

Diagram 3

Start in one of the sections by painting/drawing a circle in the middle and fill it in. Wash out your brush, choose another color, and make a circling loop next to your first circle, surrounding it.

Continue to paint circling loops with different colors until you are close to the edge of your folded section creating concentric circles/radiating pattern.

Diagram 4

Now fill in the space left (negative space) with a final color.

Diagram 5

Move to a new section and repeat the process but use different colors or a different order. Continue to paint each section until all sections are complete!

When you are finished with your craft, take a picture of your artwork and send it to me! I can’t wait to see what you made! Send to [email protected]

Diagram 2 2 Courtesy photos

Diagram one: “Squares With Concentric Circles” by Wassily Kandinsky, 1913. Mixed Media on Paper. one: “Squares With Concentric Circles” by Wassily Kandinsky, 1913. Mixed Media on Paper. Courtesy photos

Diagram 3 3 Courtesy photos

Diagram 4 4 Courtesy photos

Diagram 5 5 Courtesy photos

Submitted by Rebecca Pope

Cherry Hill Primary Art Educator

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