Summer Reading Fun program kicks off today at Carnegie Library


The Carnegie Public Library Summer Reading Program kick-off is today at the Cherry Hill Elementary School cafeteria at 2 p.m.

Children will be delighted with “the Totally Gross Magic Show.” Dr. Ooze has created magic at its grossest! Enjoy a little magic, combined with slimy green stuff for an afternoon of fun! Another super entertaining program we are presenting is “Dr. Insecta Presents – – – – Building a Better World.” Ready to touch a bug? Tour a termite mound? See inside a hornet’s next? The Bug Lab will take kids and families into the exciting and strange world of live insects, bug architecture and the science of entomology. All summer long, we’ll be providing a mixture of silly, entertaining and educational programming. Summer reading fun is not just for kids! Teens and adults can join in and enjoy programming and prizes, too!

The children’s department summer reading program officially started June 1 and already 128 children have signed up! We will be offering sign-ups for the program through July 15 and it’s officially over when school begins. Signing your children up for the program is the perfect way to create interest and excitement for reading. Some kids join the reading program because they are already motivated readers who enjoy reading just for pleasure. Yet, we know some kids are reluctant readers who would rather do anything than sit down with a book. We encourage children by providing incentives to win tickets to Kings Island, the Cincinnati Reds, the Cincinnati Observatory, Galaxy Golf, Young’s Dairy Farm and other opportunities. All children that finish the program will receive coupons to local businesses like McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Roosters, Taco Bell, Tim Horton’s, LeElla Lanes, Roller Haven, Frisch’s, Bob Evans and more.

All of us in the children’s department are enthusiastic readers so we think reading is its own reward! Some children though need a little push to keep reading all summer long to stop the “summer slide.” Summer slide is a result of not reading during the summer vacation and not experiencing educational opportunities. Documented studies show that children, who do not read during the summer, start school at a disadvantage than children that keep reading during their school vacation. For those children who profess they do not like to read, we can provide suggestions to help find the book that will click with them. There is a book for everyone!

Stop by the library and pick up registration forms, a reading log, and our summer newsletter describing more than 60 programs. Our summer events calendar is also featured on our website We allow the parent and child to determine how many books are feasible to read during the summer. Our goal is for children to have fun while reading! Reading should never be perceived as a burden! Graphic novels (comic book format), magazines and audio books can count toward reading goals.

The Jeffersonville library is also providing exciting summer programming for children, teens and adults.

The “Totally Gross Magic Show” will also be presented on today at 11 a.m. at the Jeffersonville branch. Join us at either location for a summer of fun!

By Anne Quinn

Head of Children’s Services at Carnegie Library

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