Sentencing delayed for man who assaulted deputy


Sentencing was continued Monday for a man who admitted to assaulting a deputy sheriff inside the Fayette County Jail.

Washington Court House resident Andrew M. Shaw plead guilty in April to assault of a peace officer, a fourth-degree felony, during a plea hearing in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

Reports state that Shaw was arrested for an OVI and was taken to the jail. During testing, he refused to sit in a chair and became argumentative, kicking deputy sheriff Jason Havens in the legs.

Havens described the incident in a report:

“I grabbed Andrew Shaw by the front of his shirt and pushed him backwards towards the chair but he continued to be noncompliant. We continued over the chair into a countertop and cabinet where I placed his back against the cabinet and advised Andrew that we were not going to deal with this all night and he needed to sit down. Upon standing up to attempt to sit Andrew in the chair he raised his leg and did a forward kick and struck me in the lower legs near my knees. I grabbed Andrew Shaw by his upper body and turned him and took him down to the ground to prevent him from continuing to kick.”

The sentencing in the case is now scheduled for July 17.

Shaw, 30, is currently incarcerated in the Fayette County Jail.

A charge of felonious assault, a second-degree felony, was filed against Shaw May 19.

The alleged felonious assault occurred at Mugs and Jugs Draft House in Union Township in April. According to reports, Shaw was in the bar and hit a Greenfield man in the face with a beer bottle. The man was transported to OSU Medical Center and treated for his injuries.

Shaw was arrested at the scene and booked into the Fayette County Jail. He was arraigned on the charge May 22 and is scheduled to appear Monday for an informal pretrial hearing in that case.

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