Commissioners promote Foor as new administrator


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — The Fayette County Commissioners have hired — or in this case, promoted — the administrator they need to help run their office. The job was advertised, resumes were reviewed, some were interviewed — but due to the her knowledge of the internal workings of the office — Dana Foor, the commissioners clerk, was promoted to the new job.

The clerk’s position will be filled at a later date.

Rod List, director of the Fayette County Life Squad, presented his monthly report to the commissioners Monday. There were a total of 398 runs with 348 transports.

Adena Fayette Medical Center received 255 persons, Adena Greenfield received four, Berger Hospital received one, Nationwide Children’s received one, Mt. Carmel Grove City received one, and there were six helicopter transports handled. Patient contacts are currently up 531 from last year.

List said the squads have been very busy, but response time averages seven minutes, because county and city times are averaged together for his report. Response times are always safe for the type of call, and for road conditions, because they use “reasonable safety” protocols. Each squad member receives a four hour mandatory refresher course for driver training annually.

List mentioned that at least 80% of their runs are in the city, and it was mentioned by commissioner Tony Anderson that city officials should also receive a copy of his monthly report because of that volume number.

The AWOS system bid that was being reviewed by engineer/project manager, Bruce Brandstetter, for compliance to the bid requirements was rejected due to the FAA changing some specifics for funding the project. The commissioners stated that the project will be rebid in the fall.

There was one bid received from Bansal Construction, and Bansal will be able to rebid on the project when the bid is again announced. Bids are not awarded until a project manager or engineer involved in the project reviews the bid paperwork and finds it in compliance with the specs, taking into consideration specific changes that might be made, such as in this case, the FAA — which has approval over this project — wanting to make funding adjustments.

EMA Director Melissa Havens presented her budget to the commissioners and said that she will be switching from a 30 hour work week to a 40 hour work week. Havens said that her office will have a set-up at the county fair — at the sheriff’s command center — to educate the public on the workings of her office.

The Fayette County Engineer’s Office announced the bid request for the Danville Road Bridge Replacement project. The bid opening has been set for Aug. 5.

Finally, Janis Vaught visited the commissioners to complain about the Fayette County Dog Shelter. She said that the facility is overcrowded and the dogs are not getting enough attention, in her opinion. Vaught said they needed more consumer friendly adoption hours, such as an evening or Saturday availability for those who work daytime hours. She also asked for placards to be placed on their individual quarters giving the dog’s name and information, which would give each dog a better adoption possibility.

She would like to see more volunteers give their time and attention to the dogs in the facility so they don’t feel so abandoned. The license fee that is charged for each dog by the Fayette County Auditor’s Office goes directly to the operating budget for the shelter. However, the commissioners said that an additional $75,000 annually — from their general fund — is usually needed to maintain the expenses of the facility.

Several dogs are being surrendered by their owners and Vaught does not want to see any dogs euthanized for severe overcrowded conditions. The facility is said to have 19-20 spaces available, and it was reported that approximately 30 dogs are currently housed there.

The commissioners thanked her for her input and her concerns will be passed along to the proper persons involved with the shelter.

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