City fire, police, service and recreation updates provided


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — The City of Washington Court House Service, Safety and Recreation Committee met on Wednesday at 6 p.m. prior to the regular council meeting.


Washington Fire Department Chief Tim Downing presented to members a list of programs and partnerships the department had in the past and the current list of many additional items they now handle as a department.

There were seven programs in 2018, and now there are 17, plus two additional programs in the works for the future. Currently, the fire department handles general fire prevention education, fire extinguisher training, youth fire intervention, fire investigations, provides first aid for the county fair, protections for demolition derbies, business inspections, home fire inspections, mobile food unit inspections, burn permit inspections, fireworks inspections, smoke alarm installations, fishing with a firefighter, and they participate in Toys for Tots in December, to name a few.

The department has partnered with the EMA to mitigate risks and hazards, and they have speakers for educational benefits to businesses and organizations in the community.

Downing said his mantra is “Protection Through Prevention,” which his department takes very seriously.

His future plans for Safety Town and Oxygen Line Fuses for oxygen users are in the planning stages. Oxygen fuses are those that stop a fire rapidly by cutting off the oxygen supply, should someone on oxygen light up a cigarette and cause a fire.


Washington Police Department Chief Jeff Funari reported that the Project Lifesaver was currently cost prohibitive in the city and they are looking into alternative programs. The initial investment of $5,000 would only cover two people in the city and each home would have to purchase a transmitter at a cost of $350 each, for those who are autistic or adults who wander away from their residence. Some alternative options will be investigated.

Funari said that renovations to the entranceway of the police department will begin soon for more protections for dispatchers and the public. The open glass wall will be covered and there will be a phone in the lobby to contact a dispatcher instead of face to face contact at the current window. A new dispatcher desk and new communication console has been ordered to improve the job of a dispatcher.

Funari said that targeted areas of the city are being monitored for loud sound amplification and loud mufflers, and tickets will be written for violations.

Crime cases in the areas of theft, possession of drugs, and criminal damaging were up in 2023. New statistics are not yet available for 2024, according to Funari.

The subject of fireworks was discussed, which included input from Chief Downing, regarding the laws and regulations covering fireworks within city limits. It was stated that there is an Ohio ORC law, and a Fire Code established by the Ohio State Fire Marshal regarding limits and regulations. These laws must be followed, he said, and the police department will continue to respond to complaint calls regarding violations of these laws within the city to make neighborhoods safe.


The service department is composting leaves and looking into alternatives because of running out of room for the waste.

The service department is also going to have to repair a sewer line with a water line running through the underground pipes. This was found during the recent sewer line inspections in the area of Market and Wilson streets near Lewis Street. This repair must be done before the Market Street paving project begins.


There will be some paving started by July 1 in the Eyman Park area. There will be a railroad renovation of the Lakeview/Eyman Park Drive area coming soon to provide more safety for traffic and pedestrians in that area.

They are also doing minor work to the walking trails, general park work, repairs and painting in the city. They are also considering applying for a Nature Works Grant through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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