Getting in the game


We just watched March Madness as the college basketball teams won their way to the sweet 16, then the elite eight, the final four, and finally the national championship. Although I didn’t play basketball on a college team, I played for the Huntington Huntsmen in high school. In those days we were encouraged to participate in sports because it might keep us busy and we would not get into so much trouble.

It worked for the most part but boys will be boys and it did not completely exempt us from mischief. In practice some worked hard while others just did enough to get by. We started out conditioning by running cross country for the first two weeks. During those two weeks we were looking forward to getting into the gym to start playing the game we loved to play.

When the two weeks were over and we could hardly wait to get the ball in our hands, we were made to do calisthenics as if we were in training for the military. Even though we knew it was coming, we had forgotten how hard it was. We were pushed to our physical limit and sometimes it seemed as if we would never make it through. After we had developed stamina and strength we actually started to play basketball; or so we thought.

The coach would have us scrimmage while he stood with a whistle in his mouth that he continually used to stop play. Someone did not get to their position quick enough so we started the play over again. It wasn’t long before the team was picked according to each person’s individual talent and effort they had put forth. That was always a stressful time as we waited to see whether or not we had made it.

Even though all of the conditioning was tough, it paid off and we soon came together as a team. Life works just like that. We might choose to take the path of least resistance, but that will not condition us for God’s perfect plan for our life. The bible teaches us in Psalms 139:14 that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The process of building stamina and strength proves this. It goes on to tell us in Ephesians 3:20 that God will do more than we can think or ask according to the power that works in us. We are all made to be amazing and we have the power in us to do more than we can imagine. You can get in the game if you will just strengthen the abilities that God has given you and listen to what He has to say. His ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

These are the truths we learn at the Gathering Place every Sunday morning at 9:30 and 10:30 and Wednesday evening at 7. We have Youth Group and First Steps Recovery Sunday evening at 6. Come and get all in.

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