FCPH releases food inspections


The following are food inspection reports recently released by Fayette County Public Health:

Court House Manor, 555 Glenn Ave. – Jan 31, 2024

Improper disposition of food: several food items found past expiration date inside walk-in cooler, must be discarded for food safety. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned to prevent contamination: mold residue found in ice machines and microwaves. Improper use of chemicals: sanitizer found too high at dish sink. Chemicals must be used properly for food safety and to avoid contamination. Manager added water to the solution. Coffee cups were found with stains and scratched which were no longer cleanable. Microwave was found soiled.

Fayette County Early Learning, 1400 US RT 22 NW – Feb 5, 2024

No violations were found – all food temperatures were good. Facility is well maintained.

Starting Gate, 1351 Leesburg Ave. – Feb 5, 2024

Food safety certification unavailable. Employees need to be properly trained in food safety. Food temperatures were good. Overall cleanliness is satisfactory.

Walmart Distribution Center, 1400 Old Chillicothe Rd. – Feb 5, 2024

Facility will on occasion cool down and reheat leftover food. The reheating and cooling methods were approved. Management is certified in food safety. The food handler was observed properly and safely handling food. All food temperatures were within safe zone.

220 State St Inc, 220 State Street – Feb 6, 2024

Soil accumulation found in restrooms on sinks, floor, walls, baseboards and dryers. Soil accumulation found on the facility walls near the coffee station. Coffee station cabinets were found worn and no longer easily cleanable. Certification in food safety unavailable. Employees must be properly trained in food safety. Food temperatures were good.

Wendy’s, 10060 Carr Rd. – Feb, 6 2024

Spilled food found inside milk cooler, condiment holders, and bottom of reach-in freezer. Scorched food container found with cracks. Food contact surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable to prevent contamination. Management discarded container. Dining room pop nozzle found soiled. Management replaced the nozzle with a clean one. All food temperatures were within the safe zone. The overall cleanliness of the facility was satisfactory.

Jeffersonville Petroleum LLC., 10 W. High St. – Feb 6, 2024

Dented cans on shelves. Soil accumulation found in facility vents or near vents (especially in the deli area), inside the walk in cooler, on the floors in the meat room, as well as the baseboards and walls, and on the sales floor shelves. Food boxes found stores on the floor of the walk-in freezer. Sales floor shelves found rusty and no longer easily cleaned (need replacing). Employee illness policy unavailable (employees must be aware of their responsibility to report any food-born illnesses).

Denny’s, 9935 State Rt 41 – Jan 29, 2024 (Follow up)

Employee illness policy available. Overall cleanliness of the facility has improved. All food temperatures were good.

Kroger, 548 Clinton Ave. – Jan 25, 2024 (Follow up)

No expired baby food observed. 90-day seafood tags now available. Sanitizer now available at Starbucks. Chicken found at 41 degrees Fahrenheit sale temperature. Labels have been ordered for the donuts case. Temporary labels were hand-written.

Pettits #1, 303 E. Court St. – Jan 17, 2024 (Follow up)

Ice machine is now clean. All perishable food observed were properly dated and marked for expiration. Ingredients were listed as requested. Mop sinks now clean.

Taco Bell, 12356 US 35 NW – Jan 17, 2024

Employee health procedures were missing. All food temperatures were good. Soil accumulation found in walk-in cooler walls (food splatter), on walls near baseboards, and splattered food in various condiment holders. Employee health procedures unavailable.

Horney’s Texas Style BBQ, 1270 US RT 22 NW – Jan 18, 2024 (Follow up)

Mold still visible on walls of facility even after staff cleaned it. Deep cleaning will be needed. Perishable food dated and marked properly and were not expired. Overall cleanliness of the facility has improved. Stained ceiling tiles were replaced with new tiles.

Ohayo Hibachi Grill, 240 E. Court St. – Jan 17, 2024 (Follow up)

Hot water of above 100 degrees Fahrenheit to clean equipment is now available in sinks. Hand washing sinks in restrooms have gaps in between them. Soil accumulation found on kitchen baseboards and walls, storage room baseboards and walls, and walk in cooler shelves. Stained ceiling tiled in storage room must be replaced. All food temperatures were good.

Rachel’s House Catering, 3634 St. Rt. 41 NW – Jan 23, 2024

No violations were found. All food temperatures were good and cleanliness was satisfactory.

Werner’s Smokehouse BBQ, 11396 Allen Rd. – Jan 18, 2024

Perishable food found inside walk-in cooler was found past expiration date. Smoked wings, sausage and sauerkraut were discarded. Ice machine found soiled with mold. Soil accumulation found in outdoor shed. Dumpster lids found open (must be closed).

McDonald’s, 12518 US RT. 35 NW – Jan 18, 2024

Uncovered ice bin observed in the front kitchen area. Coffee found near ice scooper. According to management the ice bin cover was being washed and was being placed back on bin during inspection. Ice cream machine cabinet and slushie machine cabinet were found soiled. Hand sink near large ice machine found not working. All food temperatures were good.

Waffle House, 11546 Allen Rd. – Jan 19, 2024 (Follow up)

The raw eggs are now stored properly. The ice holder is now clean to sight and touch. Cooler drawer is now at a safe temperature of 39 Fahrenheit. Overall cleanliness of the facility has improved.

Subway, 12484 St. Rt. 35 NW – Jan 19, 2024 (Follow up)

Pop nozzles are now clean to sight and touch. Meat prep cooler is now at 40 Fahrenheit after the third attempt to lower the temperature.

Kitty’s Catfe LLC, 137 N Main St. – Jan 16, 2024

Stained ceiling tiled in storage room must be replaced. Mold residue found in ice machine. Washing sink found leaking from pipes. Equipment must be repaired and maintained. Soiled wiping cloth found on counters. Soiled towels and mats also found stored under machines. Soil found on facility floor baseboards, kitchen counters, behind equipment, sinks, tables (cat hair).

Smokin’ Joe’s, 362 Bunkerhill Glendon Rd. – Jan 23, 2024

Soil found in the bottom of the oven. All coolers were 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Overall cleanliness in facility was found satisfactory. No violations found.

Speedway, 11584 Allen Rd. – Jan 16, 2024

Sales-floor, coffee station cabinets, kitchen floor, walls baseboards, sinks, veggie prep cooler and freezer were all found with soil accumulation. Cappuccino machine found soiled. Chopped onion found at 46 degrees Fahrenheit – all perishable food must be stored at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Tequitos found past due in walk-in cooler (these were discarded). Soda machine no longer working. Dishwasher no longer working.

Sheetz Store, 321 State St. – Jan 16, 2024

Soil accumulation found in walk-in freezer floor, walk-in beverage cooler trays, drink station, sales-floor cabinets and kitchen baseboards. Male food handler has a semi long beard that needs to be covered. No hot water provided at hand washing sinks.

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