On Thursday, Feb. 1, Miami Trace bowled the last regular season Frontier Athletic Conference match against the McClain Tigers.

Before the match began, all of the Miami Trace seniors were introduced and escourted by their parents.

The seniors for Miami Trace boys are Jonah Goddard, Kaden Noble, Robbie Bennett, Bryce Stuckey, Jake Manbevers, Elijah Daniels, Ethan Bower, Connor Barga, Lucas Cornett. Also for the Miami Trace girls was senior Onesti Evans.

The Panthers were led by Jake Manbevers with 279; Bryce Stuckey with 258 and 217; Cole Whiteside with 258 and 217; and Kaden Noble with 242 and 200.

The Panthers will be in action this Thursday, February 8th at LeElla Lanes in the FAC Tournament against McClain, Chillicothe, Jackson, Hillsboro and Washington Court House.

The Panthers are also preparing for the State Sectional Tournament that starts on February 21st.

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