Farmers Market is the place for ‘plant-based foods’


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — “Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in Your Yard” is Doug Tallamy’s most recent (2019) book. In it, as he does in his previous books, he promotes conservation and supporting native species, including insects, birds, amphibians and mammals. Doing so requires planting and maintaining native plants; these are the bedrock for native life, because “native plants pass energy to animal food webs, largely through insect herbivores.” He extols us (again) to reduce our lawns (and replace with native plants); lawns simply don’t support life.

If you only have time to read one chapter, make it chapter 8, “Restoring Insects, the Little Things that Run the World.” “Insects are…the primary means by which the food created by plants is delivered to animals. Most vertebrates do not eat plants directly; far more often they eat insects that have converted plant sugars and carbohydrates into the vital proteins and fats that fuel complex food webs.” And insects rely on the plants that are native to and available to them. Just any plant is not good enough. It is a compelling and beautifully illustrated chapter. I will return to this chapter and the work of Tallamy soon. There is much to write and discover about caterpillars.

We humans do “eat plants directly” and rarely eat caterpillars. Which means the market is the place for you. Many plants, and plant based food. And not a single caterpillar for sale. The closest thing to a caterpillar may be the super delicious locally-raised ground beef.

Our volunteers will be distributing samples from several vendors: breads from the Creamers (Your Other Mother’s Kitchen) and cookies (sugar and peanut butter filled) from Ms. Ridenour (Red Hot Baking Co.). And visit our Community Guest, Art on the Square.

The Market is open Saturday morning from 8:30 to noon. It is located in the municipal parking lot on the corner of South Main and East East streets. SNAP EBT food benefit cards and credit/debit cards are accepted. Those using the SNAP EBT card for food purchases receive matching dollar “Produce Perks” tokens ($1 for $1), good only for fruits, vegetables, and food producing plants. So,”buy one, get one” for up to $25 every market day. Five dollar coupons will be available again for Fayette County Farm Bureau members at each Saturday market; these can be spent at both the Wednesday and Saturday markets.

The following list contains the names and products of the vendors that expect to set up this Saturday. Other vendors may participate as well.

Bridge View Gardens (Hunter & Lorelle Rohrer): Fresh spring produce including sweet corn, zucchini, home grown tomatoes (cherry, slicing, heirloom), green beans, onions, cucumbers, new potatoes, peppers and more. Variety of potted plants.

Cozy Baby Blessings (Nancy Cutter): Handmade baby essentials including crochet baby blankets and hats, flannel burp cloths, teethers and pacifier clips. Also crochet dishcloths and pot scrubbers, beaded pens, key chains and wax melts.

Edlynns Attic (Robin Dement): New applesauce oatmeal dog treats, new red heart yarn, and new green fingerless gloves. Also baby hats, loveys, popsicle holders, baking mixes and more.

Engeti (Alana Walters): pies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, yeast rolls, bread, cookies, sugar scrub.

Fiddle Dee Pet Sets (Ellie Wait): Over the collar dog bandanas, scrunchie and headbands for humans.

Gerhardt/King Farms (Kevin Gerhardt & Jeff King): Super sweet white and bi-color corn, green beans, new red and Yukon Gold potatoes, onions and zucchini/summer squash.

Greens & Greenery (Katrina Bush): Produce (and plants) grown using organic practices, including green onion, cucumbers, green beans and cherry tomatoes. Raw unpasteurized local honey, strawberry jam, sourdough crackers. NEW: Biscotti (sweet and savory).

Grounded Few (Christina Fox): Handmade candles, wax melts, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, stickers and home décor including pieces of preserved moss, dried flowers, and embroideries.

Hostetter Kitchen (Melody Martin): LAST WEEK of the SEASON! Bread, cinnamon buns, zucchini, pumpkin and banana (tea) breads, whoopie pies, cheese bread, pizza buns, bacon buns, fruit swirl buns, butter rolls, cakes, pies (including fresh peach), bars, and more.

Jim’s Premium Ground Beef (Jim Hobbs): Premium ground beef in assorted packages (patties, bulk tubes).

Julie G’s Cookies (Julie Greenslade): Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, ginger, snickerdoodle, sugar, pineapple, macadamia nut, peanut butter, peanut butter jumbos, peanut butter fudge and lemon bars.

Red Hot Baking Co (Alondra Ridenour): Cookies: S’mores, peanut butter, chocolate chip, Reese’s pieces, peanut butter filled, sugar and m&m. Brownies.

The Casual Gourmet (Jason Gilmore): Variety of baked goods.

The Jam Man (David Persinger): Many assorted jams/jellies (PEACH FLAMINGO back in stock, also BLACK RASPBERRY JAM & PLUM JAM), no added sugar cherry jam and seedless blackberry jam. Samples available.

The Pie Lady and S. Plymouth Raw Honey (Julie & Dennis Mosny): local raw honey, honey comb, blackraspberry, blackberry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb and peach pies. Cinni mini’, cinnamon rolls, buns bars.

Wood Designs by DW (Debbie Welch): One of a kind handcrafted wood items— birdhouses, signs, tables, gnomes. Crocheted items including kitchen towels, pot scrubs, pot holders, baby booties, and afghans. Will take custom and special orders.

Your Other Mother’s Kitchen (Don & Sara Creamer): Bread, other baked goods, sewing crafts.

Katrina Bush is a vendor with the Fayette County Farmers Market.

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