WCH man charged in shooting incident


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — A 19-year-old local is facing several charges after allegedly firing a handgun in the area of Vine and East Elm streets.

The morning of Tuesday, July 18, Washington C.H. Police Department officers responded to a report of a gun being fired by a male suspect — later identified as Christopher Queen.

When officers arrived around the area of Vine and East Elm, they made contact with the complainant who reportedly said he was “at home waiting on his girlfriend to come home from work” when she never showed up. He told police he “looked up the location of the phone his girlfriend had,” which led him to a Vine Street residence.

According to police, the complainant showed up at the Vine Street address to make contact with his girlfriend. He then stated he was “knocking on the door until (she) came outside,” reports said. Once she came outside, the complainant advised they began to walk back to their residence on Willard Street as they “argued the whole time.” The complainant reportedly advised police that another man, who was also at the residence on Vine Street, walked with them for “safety.”

The complainant also advised that as they were walking, he told his girlfriend that he “wanted his phone back” that she had, which led to an altercation. The complainant told police that once this incident occurred, he saw two males running up to them from behind when he allegedly heard a gun shot, according to reports.

No injures were reported during the incident.

According to police, the complainant stated he could see the gun, but had a hard time seeing the offender because it was still dark. The complainant also said “the shooter had on a long sleeve shirt and pants,” but then said after the incident that it was “the male that had no shirt on.” The suspect was identified as Queen.

Police spoke with several individuals who were in the area at the time.

After further investigation, an officer reported to have located a shell casing in the area of the alleged incident. At that time, officers began speaking with Queen, who ended up allegedly admitting to shooting the gun and hiding it in the sewer drain on Vine Street.

Queen was arrested and transported to the Fayette County Jail. He was charged with aggravated menacing, tampering with evidence, and discharge of a firearm on or near prohibited premises. He was advised of his court date and time.

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