Embracing the oudoors for a brighter future


During my lunch breaks, I have found solace in spending time at the dog park in Christman Park with my faithful companion, Shadow. These moments of respite have allowed me to observe the world around me and appreciate the serene beauty of nature. It is during these times that I have noticed a remarkable increase in the number of people venturing outdoors, especially this summer.

Whether my perception is biased toward outdoor activities or not, there is no denying the noticeable increase in people engaging in outdoor recreation. I vividly recall a time when trails and parks were scarcely occupied, but this summer tells a different story. Children are seen riding their bikes, couples are taking leisurely strolls, and runners and cyclists fill the pathways more than ever before.

This increased outdoor activity is a positive sign for our community. The more we engage in physical pursuits, the better our collective well-being becomes. It is through a healthier outlook that we can foster a bright future for the upcoming generation where they will learn to appreciate and cherish the community they will inherit.

It is crucial for us to change our perception of our rural upbringing. Rather than viewing it as a mundane and uninspiring place, we can recognize and embrace the existing assets that surround us. One such asset is the bike trail that runs through our city. It serves as a valuable resource, attracting visitors from far and wide.

I recently encountered an older couple who had driven all the way from Cincinnati to embark on a bike ride starting from Christman Park. Their plan was to utilize the connector trail leading to Chillicothe. This example demonstrates how our city can become a destination for those seeking new adventures. With the emergence of local shops and businesses, we hold immense potential for a revitalization of Washington Court House.

Some may argue that this vision is merely a figment of my imagination, a desert mirage conjured during my moments of reflection at the dog park. However, witnessing the increasing number of people actively embracing the outdoors reassures me that there is a tangible shift occurring. By disconnecting from our phones and televisions, we allow ourselves to be present at the moment, engage in physical activity, and think positively about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Embracing the outdoors goes beyond personal enjoyment; it impacts our entire community. It encourages healthier lifestyles, fosters social connections, and boosts local economies. By immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature and appreciating the recreational resources available to us, we are taking essential steps towards a brighter future.

It makes me happy to have begun Horizon Athletic in this town during this time. It assures my purpose in helping people get more active and providing training for youth.

Trey Tompkins is a local fitness enthusiast who writes columns for the Record-Herald.

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