Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

April 15 – 258 Hickory Ln.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requesting lift assistance. FD provided manpower.

April 15 – 5786 US 22 E

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a single vehicle accident into a tree. While en route, FD was advised of no entrapment. FD found a single vehicle upright, on all four wheels and facing East off the South side of the roadway with no visible smoke or fire at the time of arrival. FD established a safe working area and confirmed there was no entrapment. FD checked the vehicle for safety and assisted with controlling the flow of traffic.

April 15 – 1239 Farmington Ln.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requesting lift assistance. FD provided manpower.

April 14 – 812 Delaware St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a light bulb fire that was now burning under the doorbell. FD was notified while en route that it was unknown if all occupants were out. FD found minimal smoke and a small fire burning on the front porch at the time of arrival. FD was informed by neighbors that the occupants were believed to be gone. FD extinguished the fire and performed a walk-around to determine if there was any extension into the attic space. FD found the front door unlocked and made entry with a member from the Fayette County Life Squad to determine if there were any occupants inside and if there was any fire or extension within the unit. FD did not find any fire extension inside the unit and confirmed the apartment was unoccupied. FD met with a representative from facility maintenance and re-entered to turn off the power. FD shut-off breakers inside the units panel box and shut-off the main exterior service disconnect. FD investigation determined there was an electrical / mechanical malfunction within the exterior porch light next to the entry door causing it to melt and drop-down igniting siding and personal items under the light. FD noted a second light next door on apartment #19 with similar damage and checked to ensure there was not another or continuing issue. The use of thermal imaging did not reveal any current problem and the damage appeared to have occurred sometime prior to the FD being dispatched to apartment #20. FD advised facility maintenance to have repairs made before restoring power to the unit. FD also advised and pointed out to the maintenance representative of a similar issue with the adjoining apartment and advised to have repairs made to that unit also.

April 14 – 1810 Victoria St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a commercial fire alarm, lobby smoke and fire alarm. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival and noted no evacuation. FD entered through the front lobby doors and noted no smoke, fire or active alarm(s). An employee at the desk confirmed the alarm activated and stated the system was only in silence mode. FD verified the alarm code at the enunciator panel: wired smoke detectors, lobby / HC rooms, zone 6. FD investigation determined zone 6 to include the lobby, first floor hallway and handicap accessible sleeping rooms. FD did not find any problem or issues in these areas and suspects steam from a shower activated the system after speaking with occupants.

April 14 – 1146 E. Temple St.

FD received a call regarding a burning complaint. FD investigated and advised occupant of the Ohio burning laws.

April 14 – 929 Dayton Ave.

FD responded to a vehicle fire near a structure. On arrival, FD found a vehicle on fire with no immediate exposure problems. FD extinguished the fire and unhooked the vehicle battery. FD gathered vehicle/owner information and applied additional water to the vehicle before clearing the scene.

April 13 – 1151 Paddock Loop

FD responded to the smell of gas near a residence. Dispatch advised of construction equipment in the area. On arrival, firefighters met with a contractor who advised that a gas line was struck with an underground boring machine. The contractor turned the gas off at the meter. Firefighters requested the gas company respond to the scene. Firefighters checked inside the unit closest to the leak with a combustible gas meter. No issues were detected inside. FD stood by until the gas company took control of the scene.

April 11 – 909 Dayton Ave.

FD responded to a burning complaint. FD met with the occupant who was burning dry firewood. FD advised him of the burn laws and recommended for the fire to be a minimum of 15 feet from any structure.

April 8 – 415 Cherry St.

FD responded to the report of arching electrical lines. On arrival, FD met with the caller who advised they heard a loud boom and lost power. FD checked the electric lines and located a blown overhead fuse. AES was requested to the scene.

April 8 – 921 Lakeview Ave.

FD responded to a burning complaint. On arrival, FD met with the occupant and recommended safe distances for a fire pit and advised of the burn laws. The occupant extinguished the fire.

April 8 – 309 S. North St.

FD responded to a motor vehicle accident with injuries. On arrival, firefighters found a truck into a pole with airbag deployment. The vehicle had two occupants, no entrapment. Firefighters checked the scene for safety. Firefighters contacted both patients and started patient assessment prior to EMS arriving on scene. Four other parked vehicles were damaged, no fluids were leaking. Firefighters assisted EMS and stood by until released by the Washington Police Department.

April 8 – US HWY 22 W

FD responded to the report of a single vehicle rollover crash with injuries. On arrival, firefighters found a vehicle resting on the passenger side with entrapment. Firefighters stabilized the vehicle with step chocks and Kodiak rescue struts. One firefighter went inside the vehicle to assist with patient stabilization. Firefighters removed the roof of the vehicle with rescue cutters. Firefighters assisted EMS with patient removal from the vehicle.

Firefighters checked the second vehicle for safety. FD stood by on scene until released by FCSO.

April 6 – 1001 Lewis St. Apt. 21

FD responded to clothes burning outside of an apartment. On arrival, firefighters found a pile of clothing burning on the paved driveway. Firefighters extinguished the fire with a 2.5-gallon pressurized water extinguisher. Firefighters contacted the caller who advised firefighters of domestic problems with a female was the cause of the fire. Washington Police Department was contacted on initial dispatch but were unable to respond to the scene, they were committed to another call. Firefighters obtained a voluntary statement from the caller.

April 5 – 225 East Market St.

Severe weather standby for a funnel cloud with ground contact spotted in Highland County heading Northeast. FD stood by on station until the severe thunderstorm warning expired.

April 5 – 614 Carolyn Road

FD was requested for the smell of gas inside a residence. FD checked the residence with metering equipment and no leak was detected.

April 5 – 713 Peabody St.

FD responded to the report of an unauthorized trash fire. On arrival, FD met with the property owner. FD checked the fire and found sticks and twigs burning and no evidence of burnt trash. FD recommended moving the fire pit ring a minimum distance of 15 feet from any structure and advised of the burn ban for any fire larger than a recreational fire.

April 4 – 400 block of Gibbs St.

FD was called for a line down in an alley. FD was canceled en route and advised that a Washington Police Department unit had removed the line from the alley.

April 4 – 2550 Kenskill Avenue

FD received station tones for an alarm activation at a business. FD arrived on scene and had no smoke or fire showing. FD personnel met with an occupant of the business and were told that there was no fire and that their alarm system was showing the smoke detector had activated. FD personnel did a walk through the building and didn’t find any smoke or fire in the building. An employee of the business advised FD that he had walked through the building and was on the roof and didn’t find anything. The occupants got the alarm system to silence and put the system in test. The occupants found the detector that the system said was activated and they said they were going to check that detector out. The alarm system will be in test while repairs are made, and FD advised them to call when the system is back online.

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