Lady Lion track wins SE meet; Blue Lions place 2nd


ROSS COUNTY — The Washington Blue Lion track teams had their best showings yet in the early going of the 2023 season at the R.L. Davisson Invitational held at Southeastern High School near Chillicothe Thursday, April 6.

Washington won the girls’ meet with 100.5 points. There were 17 teams that scored.

McClain was second with 97 points, Hillsboro was fourth with 90.5 points.

Washington was second out of 20 teams that scored in the boys’ meet, with 75 points. Zane Trace won with 87.20 points.

Hillsboro was fourth with 51.5 points and McClain was 19th with five points.

The Washington girls team had two first place finishes and the boys team won five events.

Washington won the 4 x 200-meter relay in 1:52.00. That relay team was comprised of Kierstyn Mitchell, Morgan Cartwright, Allie Mongold and Megan Mongold.

The same four runners, in a somewhat different order, won the 4 x 400-meter relay in 4:20.96, a full seven seconds ahead of second place Fairfield.

Paris Nelson won the 110-meter hurdles in 16.58.

Mason Coffman won the 100-meter dash in 11.23, .06 seconds ahead of second place Cole Miller of Paint Valley.

Coffman won the 200-meter dash with a time of 23.02.

Washington won the 4 x 100-meter relay in 45.52. That team was composed of Coffman, Rocky Jones, Gabe Perez and Caden Shiltz.

Washington also captured first place in the 4 x 200-meter relay with the same four runners in a different order. The winning time was 1:36.41.

Mason Coffman was the boys meet medalist, scoring the most individual points on the boys side.

Washington will host its invitational Friday, April 14 beginning at 4 p.m.

Washington girls results and first place finishers

4 x 800-meter relay: Athens, 1st, 10:29.42 (Jillian Bourque, Landis Corrigan, Olivia Smart and Sophia Szolosi (all freshmen); W, 5th, 11:41.51 (Madison Hayes, Kayli Merritt, Maggi Wall, Alicia Navarette)

100-meter hurdles: Brenna Wright, Mc, 1st, 17.14; Morgan Cartwright, W, 3rd, 17.59; Kaithlyn Maquilling, W, 14th, 19.89

100-meter dash: Payton Johnson, Peebles, 1st, 13.00; Kierstyn Mitchell, W, 2nd, 13.34; Lydia Mootispaw, W, 11th, 14.42

4 x 200-meter relay: W, 1st, 1:52.00 (Kierstyn Mitchell, Morgan Cartwright, Allie Mongold, Megan Mongold)

1600-meter run: Sophia Szolosi, Athens, 1st, 5:17.47 * shatters previous meet record of 5:24.84; Madison Hayes, W, 3rd, 5:57.67

4 x 100-meter relay: Mc, 1st, 53.49 (Luca Matesic, Brenna Wright, Katie Cook, Ryan Butterbaugh); W, 3rd, 54.56 (Aysha Haney, Mackayla Cartmell, Jordan Gray, Lydia Mootispaw)

400-meter dash: Hallie Haines, Fairfield, 1st, 1:03.26; Allie Mongold, W, 3rd, 1:03.93; Megan Mongold, W, 5th, 1:04.88

300-meter hurdles: Kobi Miles, Hillsboro, 1st, 51.28; Morgan Cartwright, W, 5th, 52.52; Laurel Marting, W, 16th, 57.49

800-meter run: Sophia Szolosi, Athens, 1st, 2:26.30; Maggi Wall, W, 5th, 2:39.04

200-meter dash: Payton Johnson, Peebles, 1st, 27.04; Kierstyn Mitchell, W, 2nd, 27.51; Allie Mongold, W, 3rd, 27.99

3200-meter run: Taylor Thoroman, Hillsboro, 1st, 12:32.57; Madison Hayes, W, 3rd, 12:39.72

4 x 400-meter relay: W, 1st, 4:20.96 (Kierstyn Mitchell, Allie Mongold, Megan Mongold, Morgan Cartwright)

Discus throw: Sydney Foglesong, Adena, 1st, 122’ 3”; Brooklyn Wade, W, 12th, 77’ 8”; Kaylin Hughes, W, 27th, 60’ 8”

High jump: Mylie Lovett, McClain, 1st, 4’ 10”; Laurel Marting, W, tied 6th, 4’ 4”; Mackayla Cartmell, W, tied 10th, 4’ 4”

Long jump: Luca Matesic, McClain, 1st, 14’ 10”; Laurel Marting, W, 4th, 13’ 4 3/4”; Aysha Haney, W, 7th, 13’ 1/2”

Shot put: Sydney Foglesong, Adena, 1st, 37’ 5”; Megan Sever, W, tied 13th, 26’ 8”; Brooklyn Wade, W, 15th, 26’ 3”

Pole vault: Tayla Tootle, Logan Elm, 1st, 11’ 6” * new meet record; Kaithlyn Maquilling, W, 5th, 8’ 0”; Chinatsu Obayashi, W, tied 9th, 6’ 0”

Washington boys results and first place finishers

4 x 800-meter relay: Berne Union, 1st, 8:47.23 (Joe Shull, Riley Cunningham, Gabe Nye, Hudson Schultz); W, 19th, 11:07.79 (T.J. Ooten, Christian Rio Amador, Randon Stolzenburg, Matthew Colflesh)

110-meter hurdles: Paris Nelson, W, 1st, 16.58; Malachi McCullough, W, 9th, 19.21

100-meter dash: Mason Coffman, W, 1st, 11.23; Rocky Jones, W, 3rd, 11.48

4 x 200-meter relay: W, 1st, 1:36.41 (Rocky Jones, Gabe Perez, Mason Coffman, Caden Shiltz)

1600-meter run: Mitch Green, Waverly, 1st, 4:24.29 * new meet record; Avery Wightman, W, 12th, 5:08.63

4 x 100-meter relay: W, 1st, 45.52 (Mason Coffman, Rocky Jones, Gabe Perez, Caden Shiltz)

400-meter dash: Cody Hesler, N. Adams, 1st, 50.86 * new meet record; Isaiah Wightman, W, 14th, 59.93; Avery Wightman, W, 27th, 1:05.12

300-meter hurdles: Lucas Anglin, Athens, 1st, 43.26; Malachi McCullough, W, 11th, 47.21

800-meter run: Weston Blair, Whiteoak, 1st, 2:03.96; T.J. Ooten, W, 33rd, 2:42.05; Randon Stolzenburg, W, 34th, 2:45.76

200-meter dash: Mason Coffman, W, 1st, 23.02; Caden Shiltz, W, 21st, 25.71

3200-meter run: Mitch Green, Waverly, 1st, 9:51.36 * new meet record; (Washington, no runners in this event)

4 x 400-meter relay: Zane Trace, 1st, 3:40.66 (Andrew Payton, Riley Hartsaugh, Wyatt Vick, Charley Clyne); W, dq

Discus throw: Alan Austin, Piketon, 1st, 176’ 8”; Caleb Barton, W, 18th, 110’ 2”; Charles Souther, W, 29th, 86’ 10”

High jump: Steven Kibler, Hillsboro, 1st, 6’ 2”; Andrew Young, W, tied 2nd, 5’ 8”; Paris Nelson,; W, tied 2nd, 5’ 8”

Long jump: Cole Miller, Paint Valley, 1st, 20’ 5 3/4”; Andrew Young, W, 4th, 18’ 8 1/4”; Rocky Jones, W, 11th, 17’ 6”

Shot put: Noah Fetters, Zane Trace, 1st, 50’ 2”; Reece Self, W, 16th, 37’ 4”; Miguel Utrea, W, 18th, 36’ 10”

Pole vault: Luke Thompson, Logan Elm, 1st, 12’ 0’; Faris Abdulghani, W, tied 9th, 9’ 0”

Girls team scores

Washington, 1st, 100.5; McClain, 2nd, 97; Athens, 3rd, 95; Hillsboro, 4th, 90.5; Logan Elm, 5th, 56; Fairfield, 6th, 51; Adena, 7th, 49.5; Zane Trace, 8th, 30; Vinton County, 9th, 22; Peebles, 10th, 20; Paint Valley, 11th, 12; New Lexington, 12th, 9; Huntington, 13th, 8; North Adams, 13th, 8; Piketon, 15th, 6.5; Whiteoak, 16th, 4; Berne Union, 16th, 4

Boys team scores

Zane Trace, 1st, 87.2; Washington, 2nd, 75; Athens, 3rd, 60; Hillsboro, 4th, 51.5; Dawson-Bryant, 5th, 46.2; Berne Union, 6th, 45; Paint Valley, 7th, 42; Logan Elm, 8th, 33; Waverly, 9th, 32; North Adams, 10th, 29; Whiteoak, 11th, 28.4; Vinton County, 12th, 24; Piketon, 13th, 31; Adena, 14th, 19; Peebles, 14th, 19; Southeastern, 16th, 17; Huntington, 17th, 14.7; New Lexington, 18th, 13; McClain, 19th, 5; Fairfield, 20th, 1

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