Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

March 24 – SR 753

FD responded to a motor vehicle accident with injuries. On arrival, FD found two vehicles involved. FD checked the scene for safety and applied oil dry to leaking fluids. FD stood by until EMS cleared the scene. FD was released by on scene deputy.

March 23 – 16 Wayne St.

FD responded to the report of a vehicle fire. On arrival, no smoke or fire was showing. FD unhooked the vehicle battery and checked the cab with a thermal imaging camera. FD recommended to have the vehicle towed.

March 23 – 745 Broadway St.

Received call on station telephone from occupant advising an electrical outlet was crackling and popping. Occupant advised the main breaker to the house was already shut off. FD arrived on scene to find one outlet with signs of arcing. Area around outlet was checked for heat. No signs of heat or external fire damage were detected. Outlet was removed from the wall. Outlet was found to have a loose connection causing melting to the outlet itself. The circuit was isolated in the breaker box so power could be restored to the rest of the house.

March 21 – US HWY 22 W

FD responded to a two-vehicle accident with injuries. Semi versus car with entrapment. While responding, units were delayed by a train and the second engine was responding from another call. Mutual aid was requested from Concord Greene FD. On arrival, firefighters checked both vehicles for hazards and started extrication. The second engine arrived on scene and mutual aid was cancelled. Firefighters found the semi leaking a large amount of diesel fuel and attempted to stop the leak. A hose line was charged for protection because of the fuel leak. Firefighters closed both lanes of 22 and established a landing zone for a medical helicopter. Firefighters contacted EPA for approximately 400 gallons of spilled diesel fuel. Firefighters assisted EMS with patient care and stood by on scene until released by law enforcement.

March 21 – 1129 Willard St.

FD responded to a structure fire with entrapment. While responding, mutual aid was requested from Bloomingburg FD and dispatch advised all occupants were out of the structure. On arrival, firefighters found light colored smoke showing and a scene size up was performed. Firefighters were advised by police officers that they used a fire extinguisher on a mattress fire in the middle bedroom. Firefighters started on interior attack and a primary search. Command was transferred to the fire chief. Firefighters extinguished the fire and completed a secondary search. No victims were found on the primary or secondary search. Ventilation was started and firefighters removed burnt items from the structure. Firefighters checked the room for fire extension with a thermal imaging camera and none was found. Fire cause investigation began, and code enforcement was requested to the scene because of the poor condition of the structure. Firefighters stood by on scene until code enforcement arrived. AES was requested to the scene to secure the electric service. The building was condemned by code enforcement.

March 19 – 406 Clyburn Ave. Apt. C

FD responded to a smoke detector activation. On arrival, no smoke or fire was showing. FD made contact with adjacent apartment who advised there was no issue at his apartment. FD met with the caller and checked the apartment with a thermal imaging camera. No signs of fire were found. FD determined the cause of the alarm was a faulty detector.

March 18 – US 35 E 753 Exit Ramp

FD responded to the report of a vehicle fire. On arrival, FD found the vehicle being pulled away from the scene with a tow strap. The driver told FD the engine just blew up and there was no problem. FD cleared the scene.

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