3 juveniles taken to JDC for threats made at school


A Miami Trace Middle School student was charged for allegedly making a threat against the school on Thursday afternoon.

Miami Trace Local Schools Superintendent Kim Pittser informed the public Thursday of a reported threat made by one of Miami Trace’s middle schoolers. According to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, the serious threat of violence was “made in a fit of anger” and was overheard in the school hallway, targeting the middle school building.

The threat violated the school’s code of conduct and immediate action was taken by administration in coordination with the sheriff’s office.

Pittser said it was determined that no ongoing safety concerns stemmed from the threat made.

“All threats are taken seriously, and we take great care in implementing our safety measures,” said Pittser. “We are grateful to have on-site personnel such as our school resource officer, mental health counselors, and safety director to assist in a timely manner.”

The juvenile was charged with making a false alarm and was taken to the Ross County Juvenile Detention Center.

In an unrelated incident Thursday, two Miami Trace High School students allegedly pulled a prank that involved threats over the phone. The alleged threats were not made targeting the school or its students, but law enforcement was still involved in the incident, according to the sheriff’s office.

Both high school students were also charged with making false alarms and were transported to the Ross County Juvenile Detention Center.