Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

March 15 – 214 N. Hinde St.

FD responded to a single vehicle rollover accident with injuries. On arrival, the vehicle was resting on the drivers’ side in a field. The driver was out of the vehicle. FD made contact with the driver who advised he was the only occupant in the vehicle. FD stood by until EMS cleared the scene.

March 15 – 1666 Columbus Ave.

FD received a phone call about smoke inside the building. The call came from a customer going through the drive thru. FD arrived on scene to find light colored smoke in the entire building. FD met with employees who advised there was a problem with the hood system fan. The assistant manager was on the roof top and advised of a bad belt on the fan. FD used positive pressure fans to ventilate the business. FD advised to have repairs made.

March 15 — 619 Gibbs Ave.

FD responded to black smoke near the rear of the house. On arrival, FD found a small fire in the back yard fire pit. The occupant used gasoline to start the fire. FD informed the occupant of the burn laws and he agreed to extinguish the fire.

March 15 – 214 N. Hinde St.

FD was dispatched to a fire alarm activation. While en route, dispatch advised responding units that it was a false alarm. The alarm was accidentally caused by electrical work.

March 15 – 504 Broadway St.

FD was requested for a carbon monoxide check. On arrival, FD checked the structure with a four-gas meter. FD checked the detector and replaced the battery. No carbon monoxide was detected at the time of check.

March 15 – 805 Dayton Ave.

FD responded for Fayette County EMS.

March 15 – 1 Companion Dr.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival, the building was evacuated, and normal conditions were showing. FD met with the plant safety director who advised the cause of alarm was a beam detector that was activated by a large bird in the warehouse. FD cleared the scene.

March 15 – mm 76 US 35 East

FD responded mutual aid for a vehicle fire.

March 14 – Bldg. 13 Wagner Ct. Apt. C

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting an odor of something burning. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival. FD investigation with the aid of thermal imaging, did not find any problem or issue within the unit. FD checked with neighbors, one reported burnt food.

March 14 – 5 Fayette Ctr.

Received call from occupant reporting an odor when the furnace runs, requesting the office space to be checked. FD investigation did not detect gas or carbon monoxide at the time of check.

March 13 – 3021 Armbrust Road

FD responded to a building fire. While responding, mutual aid tankers were requested from Concord Greene, Wayne Township, and Paint Creek. FD arrived on scene and found a detached garage fully involved at the rear of the house. The fire extended to the house near the attic area. FD started extinguishing the fire on the house and garage. FD checked the inside of the house and attic area for extension. No extension was found. FD removed soffit and siding to check for fire on the exterior. FD turned off the power to the garage. FD marked the fire out and started releasing mutual aid agents.

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