Land Transfers


The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Feb. 13

Margaret L. Smith to Glen A. and Angel L. Gee, 8544 RT 62 NE, consideration $66,300.

Judith A. Craig to Bradley D. and Margaret E. Craig, 2 acres in Jefferson Twp.

David W. Craig to Bradley D. and Margaret E. Craig, 2 acres in Jefferson Twp.

Judith A. Craig to Bradley D. and Margaret E. Craig, 95.25 acres and 47.69 acres in Jasper Twp., and 132.068 acres in Jefferson Twp., consideration $137,500.

Richard and Gertrude Wright to Joseph Vadala, 721 E. Temple St., consideration $130,000.

Don C. and Charmaine C. Kirkpatrick trust, and Shane S. Riley to Ben R. Keller, 252 Henkle St., consideration $32,800.

Mary Jo and Carl W. Wilt II, and Compton Rentals LLC to Alexander J.W. Duncan, 703-705 S. Fayette St., consideration $125,340.

Damy LLC to David Whaley, 907 E. Paint St., consideration $105,000.

Halliday Development Inc to Tano Doan and Kim Phung Nguyen, Hawthorn Dr., consideration $70,000.

Shirley A. Pettit trust to GL Pettit LLC, 0.008 acres in Union Twp.

D & T Enterprices to Daniel Curnutte, 202 Oak St., consideration $75,000.

Recorded Feb. 15

Ross-Co-Redi-Mix Co Inc to Ernst Enterprises Inc, 2.992 acres in Union Twp., consideration $76,900.

Recorded Feb. 16

Janet and Greg Lawrence to Janet and Greg Lawrence, and Heather A. Miller, 1.959 acres in Marion Twp.

Chad M. and Krystyn H. Mitchell to Chad M. and Krystyn H. Mitchell, 1311 Shoemaker Dr.

Recorded Feb. 17

Donna J. Sears to Donna J. Sears, 0.1398 acres in Jefferson Twp.

Larry W. and Linda Hines to We Flip LTD, 509 & 513 E. Paint St., consideration $70,000.

Michael L. and Lori L Bowen to Zachary W. Bennett, 1.001 acres in Wayne Twp.

Zackary W. and Makaila D. Bennett to Zackary W. and Makaila D. Bennett, 1.001 acres in Wayne Twp.

David L. Hurley to David L. Hurley trust, property on Storybrook Dr., Clinton Ave., and Circle Ave.

US Bank National Assn. to Charles L. and Donna S. Ogle, 1142 E. Temple St., consideration $37,000.

Recorded Feb. 21

Bryan and Jacee Harvel to Dru L. and Judith R. Gilliland, 26.8015 acres and 1.5985 acres in Madison Twp., consideration $550,000.

Joshua A. Merriman to Wayne P. Simpson, 1067 Spring Lake Ave.

CH-First Baptist Church trust to Sarah Schaffer, 311 E. East St., consideration $154,000.

Natasha L. Haley to Damon A. and Jackie Cochenour, 1215 S. Fayette St., consideration $129,900.

Recorded Feb. 22

Taylor E. Stockwell to Kyle K. Stockwell, 2 acres in Paint Twp.

Recorded Feb. 23

Paul and Diana Febo to Paul and Diana Febo, 1.1021 acres in Concord Twp.

Joshua H. McNeil to Webco Enterprise LLC., 2575 Staunton Sugar Grove Road., consideration $70,000.

Kenneth E. and Melissa Upthegrove to Evan J. Upthegrove, 1339 Willard St.

Recorded Feb. 24

Tiffany L. Smith, and Tiffany and Bruce A. Bennett to Warren A. and Bethany N. Vipperman, 248 Woodsview Dr., consideration $149,900.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Dis-Tran Steel LLC, 516 E. Elm St., $205,000.

Rachel and Dakota Simpson to Timberhaven LLC, 1343 N. North St., consideration $80,000.

Recorded Feb. 27

William B. and Janet K. See to Caleb Macdonald, 505 E. Temple St., consideration $70,000.

Recorded Feb. 28

Friendly Homes LLP to Jandarr Investments LLC, 721 Briar Ave., consideration $179,600.

Frances M. Clark Estate to Boguesound LLC, 914 John St., consideration $115,000.

Glenn M. and Saundra G. Grimes to Matthew R. Six, 328 Ely St., consideration $47,500.

Brian Woolever to Jennifer Duncan, 3.113 acres in Perry Twp., consideration $200,000.

US Bank National Assn. to CNADY LLC, 1136 E. Temple St., consideration $44,600.

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