Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

March 12 – 635 Duffy Dr.

FD responded to a detector activation. On arrival, FD found no smoke or fire showing. FD met with the occupants and checked the detector. No signs of smoke or fire were present. FD then checked the house with a combustible gas meter and a four-gas meter. Nothing was found at the time of check. FD checked the electric breakers, and nothing was tripped. Occupants were encouraged to call the FD if the detector activated again.

March 12 – 2100 Jenny Ln.

While on the scene at 400 N. Glenn Ave., FD observed a fire at the rear of 2100 Jenny Ln. FD walked to the scene to investigate. FD found arching electrical equipment leaning up against the rear door. FD requested the Washington Police Department to the scene for possible foul play. Prior to PD arrival, the occupant came out of the apartment and advised FD that there was no issue. The equipment was part of a wood working process. FD recommended safer practices. He was advised to be a minimum of 15 feet from the structure and not to leave it unattended. PD arrived on scene and were advised of the nature of the call. FD cleared the scene.

March 12 – 400 N. Glenn Ave.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival, the building was partially evacuated. Firefighters were informed of smoke on the second floor. Command requested a tone for all 100 FD units to respond to the incident. Mutual aid was requested from Wayne Township FD and Bloomingburg FD. EMS was dispatched to the scene. Firefighters checked the second floor and found Apartment 201 was the source of the smoke. Firefighters checked the apartment and found melted plastic inside the oven. Mutual aid was cancelled, and firefighters started ventilating the building with positive pressure fans. The fire alarm was silenced by FD members at the panel. EMS diverted to another scene prior to arrival at the incident. Firefighters notified residents that they could return to the building. One resident requested to be evaluated for medical conditions. FD requested EMS to the scene and stood by with the patient until EMS arrived. Firefighters remained on scene until ventilation was completed.

March 11 – 1001 Lewis St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requesting lift assistance, non-emergent response. FD provided manpower.

March 11 – 414 E. Court St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a general fire alarm. FD was notified via radio prior to arrival of a false alarm, advising to cancel.

March 9 – 400 S Elm St.

FD was requested for a person locked inside a bathroom. FD was led to the bathroom by the caller. FD spoke with the person inside the bathroom who claimed no injury and tried to unlock the door with no success. The caller who was an employee gave FD permission to force entry into the bathroom. FD used an axe and Halligan bar to open the door.

March 8 – 3857 HWY 62 S

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a field fire. At the time of arrival, FD did not find a fire at or near the dispatched address and was advised of a possible controlled burn down the road. FD visibly noted a large fire approximately one mile south of the dispatched address. FD determined that the incident was located outside of its’ own jurisdiction and requested the proper authority to be dispatched. FD found three large piles of trees and undergrowth burning out in a field at the time of arrival. FD confirmed proper notifications were made and turned control of the scene over to the arriving Fire Chief of the proper authority having jurisdiction.

March 8 – 555 Depot Dr. #5

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a mulch fire next to the building. FD confirmed with dispatch the fire was encroaching on the structure. FD found moderate smoke conditions and a smoldering mulch bed of approximately 30 square-feet, with no visible flames at the time of arrival. FD extinguished.

March 6 – Intersection of Clinton and Highland Ave.

FD drove up on a three-vehicle accident. FD notified dispatch of the incident and checked to see if the drivers were injured. All three drivers claimed no injury. FD found the third vehicle had airbag deployment. FD notified dispatch of airbag deployment and EMS was dispatched to the scene. FD created a safe zone by blocking the roadway. FD assisted EMS and assisted the Washington Police Department by blocking the roadway until wreckers cleared the scene.

March 4 – 2277 Rowe Ging Road

FD was requested for assistance shutting down activated smoke detectors. The smoke detectors were accidentally activated when lighting a new wood burning stove. FD assisted in silencing the smoke alarms.

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