Local woman missing since Saturday morning


Authorities are asking for information regarding the whereabouts of a 21-year-old Bloomingburg woman, who was reported missing Saturday morning.

Naomi Sayre left her home Saturday between 4 and 4:15 a.m. following an argument with her boyfriend, according to Twyla McNamara, Naomi’s aunt. She had still not been located or heard from as of Wednesday morning.

“Naomi and her boyfriend got in an argument, and she left the house and never came back,” said McNamara. “A couple of hours later, her mom just had a weird feeling, so she called the sheriff’s office. They came out and her boyfriend ended up having a warrant, so he went to jail. A lot of people are saying that he had something to do with it. He absolutely did not. He had an alibi; he was with her mom the whole time.”

McNamara continued, “Naomi didn’t take her phone with her. She had a couple of bags packed, and she was going to go stay with a friend. Her friend backed out and couldn’t get a ride to come out and get her. Naomi had on a black coat with fur on it, and she brought nothing with her. We have family in law enforcement, and they have said to do as much as we can on social media. We just set up a ‘missing Naomi’ Facebook page, so tips can go right to there. I’ve been monitoring her phone and getting messages from her friends and that type of thing, but there’s not one lead.”

A missing persons report has been filed with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, which is currently investigating the matter.

McNamara said, “One of (Naomi’s) mother’s friends is going to take a drone and kind of go over Bloomingburg to see if they can see anything that looks unusual. We ask everybody with doorbell cameras in Bloomingburg to check footage from between 4 and 5 on Saturday morning to see if they see anything unusual that can be reported. We ask everybody that lives in Bloomingburg to look in their sheds and garages. There were a couple buildings that were abandoned, and those have been searched by family members or friends.”

Anyone with tips or any information can reach out to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office via phone at 740-335-6170.

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