Jeffersonville native to present lecture on the War in Ukraine


Jeffrey Owens will be presenting an interactive lecture, open to the public, on the War in Ukraine at the Central Ohio Military Museum on Saturday, March 11 at 10 a.m.

Owens is a Jeffersonville native, a 1995 graduate of Miami Trace High School and 2000 graduate of Ohio University.

As a life-long history buff, Owens published “Victory In Europe; A People’s History of the Second World War,” a more than 700 page analysis of World War 2 in Europe in 2015.

One review of Owens’s book by retired U.S. Army Colonel Glenn Phelps reads as follows:

“I was afforded the privilege of reading copy of Jeffrey Owens’s detailed and authoritative documentary of the Second World War in Europe. As a military officer with 28 years of active service, including over seven years’ service in Europe and North Africa, and a deep personal interest in the military, political, industrial and sociological aspects of this war, I was able to visit and study many of the areas involved and materially impacted by this conflict, and interact with countless European local nationals who viewed WWII from the opposite side. Jeffrey’s presentation of one of the world’s most sanguinary, and politically complex conflicts, is masterful, and materially advanced my understanding of the complexity and intractable connections both causing and resulting from the conflict.”

Once Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Owens again took up the pen and has written nearly 30 detailed analyses about the war which have been posted to multiple social media outlets. Using in-depth research, his experience as a writer, a general knowledge of the geopolitics of the region and love of military history, Owens has provided a unique coverage of the war from multiple angles.

Owens is grateful to both the Record-Herald and the Hillsboro Times-Gazette for turning more than 15 of his essays into articles, whose readerships have expressed considerable appreciation for his work. Robert Grim, a local historian and retired history teacher of 34 years has written that Owens’s essays “will provide a valuable record of the war for future generations.”

Additionally, many Ukrainians, both in the U.S. and abroad have contacted Owens expressing their immense gratitude for his writing. Natalia Lebedin, the president of the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Ohio, has described his work as “powerful,” while Elena Smolena, a resident of Kyiv has hailed his understanding of the Ukrainian perspective as “priceless.”

Owens is also an experienced history lecturer and has hosted more than a dozen educational symposiums on a variety of military history topics at the Grove City Library.

Owens is excited for the opportunity to host this interactive presentation and lecture at the Central Ohio Military Museum. He will be presenting a historical context to the conflict, explaining Russia’s genocidal rhetoric and intent towards Ukraine, providing an in-depth military analysis of the war along with detailed accounts of civilian hardship and heroism. Owens describes this war and its undetermined results as the single most important geopolitical event of his lifetime involving the future security of the United States, Europe and the NATO Alliance.

The Central Ohio Military Museum is located at 1010 High St. in Harrisburg, Ohio. Owens’s presentation will be followed by a luncheon with further opportunity for interaction, questions and a tour of the museum.

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