Locals praise Judge Beathard’s service


Fayette County Common Pleas Court Judge David Bender on Judge Beathard:

I honestly believe that Fayette County was fortunate to have Judge Beathard serving us these past 18 years. When he came into office the docket was very backlogged and he worked very long hours to correct that. In about two years the backlog was eliminated and he created a very efficient court. He has always been respectful of everyone who had dealings with the court whether it was a party, a witness, a victim or a citizen called in for jury duty. He has respected people’s time and as he was allowed to was very good about explaining what was or had happened. Often times there are things that cannot be told to a prospective juror, for instance, but he would do his best to explain the delays that would often occur during a trial.

He has assembled a good staff around him and they have done a great job of dealing with the public. He is involved in the community and has helped people behind the scenes that most people never know about. He has been involved with helping to preserve the courthouse and grounds so that the citizens of the future will be able to see and appreciate our heritage.

Most of all, Judge Beathard has been fair and courteous to the people who have come before him and handed out justice in an evenhanded manner. The parties may not have always appreciated what the outcome was but they were treated fairly and the law was followed. A good judge is consistent and predictable so that the attorneys and parties know what to expect and Judge Beathard has been very consistent over the years. It will be an honor to follow him on the General Division bench as he has left it in good shape and has been very respected over these years.

Fayette County Prosecutor Jess Weade on Judge Beathard:

In working under Judge Beathard, I would say that it has been a pleasure working in his courtroom as an attorney for over 15 years, and as prosecutor for 11-and-a-half years, because he always keeps things in perspective. He always looks for the big picture and how a small decision here or there could have a big impact on the law down the road. His efforts in updating and restoring the courthouse over his tenure have been nothing short of outstanding. Fayette County has been well served and lucky to have Judge Beathard on the bench for the last 18 years. Justice has been fairly and appropriately administered and he will be missed.

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