Lemaster FAC Player of the Year



The following student athletes have been selected as All FAC:

Girls Basketball: Representing Jackson High School TJ Carpenter, Kenzie Davis, and Mattie

Walburn. Representing Chillicothe High School, Jacey Harding and Avery Erslan. Representing

Miami Trace High School, Hillery Jacobs and Jessee Stewart. Representing McClain High

School, Payton Pryor. Representing Washington High School, Allie Mongold. Representing

Hillsboro High School, Blake Herdman

Player of the Year: TJ Carpenter, Jackson High School

Boys Basketball: Representing Washington High School, Tanner Lemaster, John Wall, and

Isaiah Haithcock. Representing Miami Trace High School, Andrew Guthrie and Isaiah Reisinger.

Representing Jackson High School, Evan Jarvis and Boston Campbell. Representing Chillicothe

High School, Tre King. Representing Hillsboro High School, Bryce Parsons and Tate Davis.

Player of the Year: Tanner Lemaster, Washington High School

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