WCHCS students research humane topics


Washington Court House City Schools teacher Dan Linn has been working with 25 students on individual and group research topics surrounding humane societies and adopting animals.

Linn teaches fourth grade language arts and social studies, and explained he is working with parts of two classes for this project.

Some of the topics students have chosen to research include:

—Why should people adopt animals?

—Why should people help animals?

—Why are animals better off in humane societies than on the streets?

—How does the humane society give shelter?

—Why did the Humane Society start?

—Why are animals abused?

Lin explained via email they began the unit/project in September. Although the project has been ongoing for several months, they only work on the project once per week.

The Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS) has provided lessons to the students through visits from humane agents Brad Adams and Johnny Daugherty Jr.

According to Linn, the following information came from the students.

When asked what they learned from the local humane agents, students explained:

—The Humane Society is better than pet shops.

—Cats are adopted more often because they have room for them.

—Shy cats are helped using “hidey-holes.”

—Why people work for the Humane Society? Agent Adams told us a great story about how he talked to a humane agent when he was 13, and that interested him in working with animals.

—Most of the humane agents’ calls are for education, not to press charges or arrest people.

—How many animals are adopted and taken in each week.

Linn explained that Adams also talked about the planned creation of a new FRHS Care and Adoption facility that is planned to be built near the YMCA.

The students’ favorite part about the project so far is, “writing narratives about humane societies or animals.”

“One group is making a recorded drama,” wrote Linn.

Students are also enjoying planning posters using persuasive messages or thesis statements, making to-do lists with teams, and revising their stories.

Students receiving a visit from FRHS staff is not uncommon as the humane society offers outreach programs and education regularly. To follow FRHS, visit www.fayetteregionalhumane.org/ or the FRHS Facebook page, “Fayette Regional Humane Society.”

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Students of WCHCS fourth grade teacher Dan Linn have been doing research projects surrounding humane societies and the adoption of animals.
https://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2022/02/web1_frhs-2-.jpgStudents of WCHCS fourth grade teacher Dan Linn have been doing research projects surrounding humane societies and the adoption of animals. Photo courtesy of FRHS

By Jennifer Woods

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