Getting crafty with snowmen and distance drawing


As the weather warms up, there are still ways to play with “snow” — by making a 3-Dimensional Sculpture called a snowman! Have you made a snowman this year? Well, we are going to draw some snowmen: some will be close and others farther away!

Snowman Distance Drawing Project for 1st and 2nd graders


-White paper


-Color drawing media (crayons, colored pencils or markers)


First, watch the following video, “Sesame Street – Near & Far,” at

Did you laugh watching the video? I think Grover is very funny in the video!

How different did the monster, Gover, look when he was near and when he was far? Did you see how when Grover is near he looks big, and when he far he looks small? When we draw things big, they look closer!

Next, watch the video, “Perspective with Foreground, Middleground, and Background” at—Y. Like the video showed, we will make foreground, middle ground, background — and overlapping when we make our snowmen.

We will also use size differences like in the Sesame Street video with Grover.

Diagram 1

To draw a snowman you need to draw 3 circles: a small circle at the top, a medium circle in the middle, and a big circle at the bottom. If you feel like you need to practice drawing circles, you can practice right on your paper and then turn it over and draw your final drawing.

The eyes and mouth can be made using smaller circles. A carrot nose is almost like a long triangle with a curved line at the end near the face.

The arms on your snowmen will have two sides and look like fat/wide letter “Y” shapes or possibly “W” shapes. Or you can make an arm like a straight stick.

Diagram 2

We will draw three different snowmen:

-One snowman will be big and low on the page in the foreground.

-The second snowman will be a little smaller up a little higher in the middleground.

-A third snowman will be small up high in the Background.

Diagram 3

Now we need to draw a line to show the horizon. A horizon is a line in the distance where the sky meets the ground. The line can be straight, wavy like hills, or pointy and zigzaggy like mountains. You can draw other lines in the middle ground and foreground to make more hills.

Diagram 4

Draw things around your snowman like trees, bushes, houses, or more snowmen! Make some of your snowmen Overlap (go in front of) some of the other things you draw. Then have some fun and add color to your snowmen. You can even add clothes. Also If you color the edges of your snow blue, it will look like snow!

When you are finished with your snowmen, take a picture of your artwork with you holding it and send it to me! I can’t wait to see what you made! Send to [email protected]

Diagram 1 1 Courtesy photos

Diagram 2 2 Courtesy photos

Diagram 3 3 Courtesy photos

Diagram 4 4 Courtesy photos

Submitted by Rebecca Pope

Cherry Hill Primary Art Educator

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