Great Oaks to offer Vision Care Technology program for fall


Three out of four people in the U.S. wear glasses or contacts to correct their vision, according to the Vision Impact Institute. The World Health Organization calls vision health a global priority.

At the same time, an aging population is expected to increase the demand for opticians, lab technicians, and other professionals in the vision care field.

That’s why Great Oaks Career Campuses will begin high school courses in Vision Care Technology at the Diamond Oaks Career Campus in Dent starting in August.

Great Oaks Director of Teaching and Learning Dan Cox said that the program provides new options for high school students.

“It’s a field that offers good jobs and opportunities for growth,” he said. “This will give students who are interested in health care the chance to learn valuable skills, work with the same equipment that professionals use, and finish high school with knowledge and preparation that gives them an advantage in their career field.”

“Great Oaks’ role is to find career needs and create programs that start students on the path to success,” said Great Oaks President/CEO Harry Snyder. “Vision Care Technology serves our community by training the next generation of health care and laboratory professionals.”

Students will learn about common eye disorders; how to test for visual acuity, depth perception, and color blindness; proper use of optical instruments; and prescription analysis and fitting technologies.

The program will cover:

The anatomy and physiology of the eye

Basics of ocular surgery

Use of ophthalmic equipment

Identification and treatment of eye injuries

Local vision screening

Ethics and scope of practice

Medical terminology

The program is open to students entering their junior year of high school in fall 2021. Applications are now being accepted. For more information, go to // or contact Laura Domet at Diamond Oaks Career Campus, [email protected] or 513-612-7006.

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