Getting Ahead: ‘Free thinking’


Many times as a boy I would make a mess of things. My parents would say: “Johnny what were you thinking?” At the time I had no idea what they meant by that. Now I can see that I was not thinking. If I had been considering the outcome, I would not have committed the deed that messed everything up. I didn’t have a clue of the consequences of my actions. These things usually happened when I was with my buddies. Someone would come up with a lame brain idea and we would all enter in.

On one such occasion, while playing cowboy, my buddy hanged me out of the second floor barn door. Dad looked out and saw me hanging by my neck and rescued me. “Johnny what were you boys thinking?” Needless to say we were not thinking at all. We were just playing cowboy. I was the outlaw and everyone knows that the outlaw gets hung on the TV westerns. We were just doing what we saw on TV.

As I got older and lived through some of these experiences I realized that what I think can create or destroy my world. A free thinker would never see something on TV and believe it would always work in the real world. We see many things and hear many voices as we navigate through life. If we believe everything we see and hear, we will end up hanging from a rope.

God has given us the amazing ability, through His Spirit, to know the truth and the truth is the only thing that sets us free. Our Heavenly Father sent His son so that we might be a free thinker and not someone that just follows the crowd. This is the season we are celebrating the birth of that son of God; it is called Christmas.

These are the truths we discuss at the Gathering Place every Sunday morning at 10:30 and Wednesday evening at 7.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor John Pfeifer

By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer

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