Getting groovy with ‘Hippie Hot Dog’


Those looking for some peace, love, fun, and food can visit the groovy “Hippie Hot Dog” next year as it will be moving into Fayette County.

Hippie Hot Dog is a relatively new small business owned locally in Chillicothe by Bo McCoy. The business opened earlier this year in Chillicothe and is planned to open in Washington Court House between Feb. 1 and March 1 at 210 S. Elm St.

McCoy owns several businesses including two rock-and-roll themed Sushi restaurants in the south along with the local Vapor store across from Kroger in Washington C.H.

“(Washington Court House) is a good location,” said McCoy. “There’s a lot of activity going on and we know that, just from what we’ve seen in the past with our vape business, that we know that people in Washington Court House are good clientele and people are very similar to what we find here in Chillicothe. I guess you could say it was just a natural progression for us. We feel comfortable in Washington Court House.”

The coming restaurant is planned to have a drive-thru, pick-up, limited indoor seating and outdoor seating pending renovation needs.

The main concept of Hippie Hot Dog, according to McCoy, is that everyone is welcome and there are no conflicts such as Democrat versus Republican.

“We want everyone to feel completely at home in our locations. So, our core of what we do is that we want to serve good food, and we want to project out a positive attitude to the people that we meet,” said McCoy.

He further explained a part of the concept came from his love of grandma’s cooking and his mom’s cooking of his favorite dishes.

“My grandmother, the way she showed us love — she made us good food. When you go to grandma’s house she would make cookies and food and, man, you just knew when you went to grandma’s house you were going to eat well because she loves you,” said McCoy. “I kind of extend that through the restaurants. The way I show love and care for people is to present to them really good food.”

The restaurant will sell cinnamon rolls which are made by a glaze recipe that belonged to McCoy’s mother, who passed away in November of 2019, as a way to remember her.

Although a menu specific to the incoming Court House location is not available, the menu currently being used in Chillicothe can be viewed on the restaurant’s website, It includes multiple types of meals that can be purchased as well as a list of the extensive toppings.

According to McCoy, among the many menu options is a vegetarian hot dog called “Mother Earth,” which is prepared in a way to keep the meat hot dogs from coming into contact with it. There is also a veggie salad and, soon, a veggie wrap will be rolling out in the Chillicothe store.

“When you come into the store, you can order a hot dog anyway you want it. You can get a regular dog, a foot-long dog or anything along those lines — a Polish sausage or Jalapeno or Cheddar. Once you pick those items, then you get to kind of create it or tell us what you want on it. Basically, you get unlimited amounts of toppings to go on top of it,” said McCoy. “You can have it your way — the hippie way.”

The most popular toppings are the traditional chili, cheese and onions while some people get creative and try new things. Meals typically come with a drink and chips. One of the ingredients they use is a secret meat sauce that was inspired by a sauce McCoy’s father-in-law uses for his hot dogs.

Applications for employment are not being taken at this time but are planned to be collected in January. Initial hiring will most likely include 6-8 people. Starting pay will range from $10 to $15 depending on experience.

The most difficult part to staffing this year has been finding quality employees who actually want to work, according to McCoy.

“If good, quality employees walk through our doors, we will take very good care of them,” he said.

“We try to have fun with everything we do because, one of the things about being in the food business that I really like is, we can create something everyday if we want to. We can create something new today and be selling it tomorrow. I love to be able to create something new every single day, any moment,” said McCoy. “We’re trying to remind people, ‘hey, don’t take life quite so seriously. Enjoy it, have fun. It’s okay to laugh, it’s okay to love, it’s okay to have those feelings.’”

Relaxing and laid-back decor with a 70s theme can be expected. Although staff will look professional, the attire will include fun tie-dye shirts and possibly bell-bottoms.

”A hot dog is just a hot dog, I’m not trying to make it more than it is, but it’s what we put behind it that matters to me. For us, it’s not just a hot dog. It’s an opportunity for us to meet you, to be a part of your life, to be a part of your community, to be a part of who you are,” said McCoy. “The cool thing about being a hippie is not necessarily the going your own way type of feelings, the hippie embodies so much more than that. It’s a lifestyle of ‘let’s get back to loving and caring for each other.’”

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“Hippie Hot Dog” will be opening a location in early 2021 at 210 S. Elm St. in Washington Court House.“Hippie Hot Dog” will be opening a location in early 2021 at 210 S. Elm St. in Washington Court House. Martin Graham | Record-Herald file photo
New restaurant set to come to South Elm St. in early 2021

By Jennifer Woods

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