Getting Ahead: ‘Defeating evil’


We all dream of a world where evil does not exist but we will never experience it as long as we live on this planet. There has been good and evil in every generation since the world was created. We do our best to come up with ways of doing away with the evil that bests us. We have had thousands of years to accomplish this task but it still remains.

We have once again come face to face with evil in the tragedy that took place in Connecticut. In our attempt to do something about it, we will probably pass some laws concerning gun control. There are ongoing debates between the people that think that gun control will help get rid of the evil that was experienced in the tragedy in Connecticut, and those who do not think that it will make any difference. Both sides are convinced of their position on this issue and work very hard to get their views accepted by others.

It seems that our first reaction is to think that the answer to the problem of evil is in the weapons that are used to commit heinous acts of violence. Evil people have used stone axes, knives, swords, bow and arrows, musket loaders, and now modern firearms to kill others. The weapons get more sophisticated but the result is always the same; sadly there are times that good people die at the hands of evil.

Surely we can all agree that the massacre in Connecticut was an evil act!

Should we quit arguing about the weapon and look for a way to fight against the evil? Where does evil come from? What makes a person good or evil? Are some people born to be evil or are they a victim of their circumstances? How can good win over evil?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist

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