Charlotte Jones celebrates her 89th birthday


A wonderful 89th birthday was held this summer at the Bloomingburg town hall to honor Charlotte Jones, who has resided in Bloomingburg her entire life.

The hall was decorated very festive, and family and friends gathered for a delicious meal and an afternoon of fellowship and reminiscing with Charlotte. Those present traveled from Columbus, Dayton, Sabina, Washington Court House, Bloomingburg, and Baltimore, Maryland. There were several in attendance from the community to honor Charlotte for the many years she had worked for them or their families during her life.

After the meal, two beautiful cakes were presented to Charlotte to honor her turning 89. She thanked everyone who came to celebrate with her and who sent her lovely cards. Charlotte and her late husband Robert are the parents of Priscilla, Bobby, Guy, Marty, Paul Craig, Pete and Stephen (Muff).

Special thanks to her children for planning this special occasion.

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