Police Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Aug. 6

Daniel J. Pickering, 26, Bellvue, Ohio, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct.

Brittany A.N. Myers, 27, 113 W. Ohio Ave., Fayette County probation violation.

Troy A. Lish, 34, Idaho Falls, Idaho, disorderly by intoxication (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Patrick W. Ramey Jr., 27, Mt. Sterling, speed.

Male, 17, Washington C.H., speed, court suspension.

Dillon L. Manning, 27, Marysville, violation of protection order.

Bryan L. Harlan, 21, 711 Rawling St., Apt. 113, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Aug. 5

Female, 17, Washington C.H., speed.

Aug. 4

Daniel R. Nelson, 50, 907 Forest St., resisting arrest, disorderly by intoxication.

Amber N. Earles, 38, Frankfort, no operator’s license, stop sign violation.

David G. Curl, 48, 214 Topaz Lane, inducing panic.

Mariah T. Winchester, 18, 216 W. Temple St., failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Chelsea L.A. Brust, 25, 829 Independence Court, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Scott E.L. Frump, 25, 8210 Water St., possession of drug paraphernalia.

Leslie B. Hesson, 25, 5910 State Route 729, possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, possession of meth, possession of heroin, possession of drug abuse instruments.

David L. Burlile Jr., 43, Greenfield, disorderly (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Jamaal C. Robinson, 36, 742 John St., no operator’s license, Xenia Police Department warrant.

Brody M. Leber, 23, Milledgeville, theft (first-degree misdemeanor), obstructing (second-degree misdemeanor).

James C. Wilt, 39, Bloomingburg, false report (first-degree misdemeanor), failure to control, failure to stop after crash.

Courtney N. Smith, 18, Bloomingburg, theft (first-degree misdemeanor), underage possession of alcohol.

Cheynne T. Ogg, 18, Lancaster, underage possession of alcohol, theft, obstructing, Athens County Sheriff’s Office warrant.

Aug. 3

Joseph M. Heimann, 38, 526 Gibbs Ave., disorderly conduct, possession of drug abuse instruments, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drugs.

Zachary R. Paul, 27, 526 Peabody Ave., stop sign violation, no operator’s license.

Delta M. Campbell, 27, 232 N. Main St., speed 55/35.

Male, 11, Washington C.H., theft.

Destiny Daniels, 29, Springfield, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Male, 10, Washington C.H., theft.

Male, 8, Washington C.H. criminal damaging.

Aug. 2

Toni M. Fuller, 37, 119 1/2 E. Oak St., probation violation bench warrant.

Joni L. Kearns, 41, 220 4th St., stop sign violation.

Aug. 1

Zachariah L. Saxour, 35, at large, bench warrant – failure to appear, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Charles Ward, 63, Leesburg, stop sign violation.

Damian M. Goble, 25, Leesburg, physical control violation.

Tyler S. Lemaster, 22, Greenfield, speed.

Ashley Watson, 30, at large, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Tommy R. Queen, 34, 703 Campbell St., seat belt violation, child restraint.

Gunner L. Matthew, 20, Chillicothe, stop sign violation.

Mark Turner, at large, Chillicothe Police Department bench warrant.

Walter D. Aills, 67, 302 Broadway St., possession of drugs (fifth-degree felony).

Krystal L. Burton, 33, 613 Eastern Ave., no operator’s license, fictitious registration, expired registration.

KC Carson, 38, Greenfield, possession of meth (third-degree felony), possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ashley King, 35, 728 Pearl St., unsafe vehicle, parole violation – Greene County.

July 31

Tyler J. Stone, 29, Mt. Sterling, receiving stolen property (fourth-degree felony), failure to comply (third-degree felony), felonious assault (first-degree felony).

Katherine J. Ross, 25, Jeffersonville, obstructing.

Rachel Powers, 33, Chillicothe, speed.

Justin T. Creed, 34, 625 Lewis St., Apt. A, domestic violence.

July 30

Male, 13, Washington C.H., curfew violation.

Male, 13, Washington C.H., curfew violation.

Brant W. Kingery, 20, 3047 Ford Road Northwest, traffic control device violation.

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