Letter: Marijuana less risky than alcohol



I have enjoyed reading your pieces. You are talking sense that unfortunately many people do not want to hear. Don’t be dissuaded. I know many of the things you are talking about first hand. I smoked marijuana pretty heavily for 20-plus years. I got busted in 2014 and was forced to quit.

Although I do not do it now I know more than most people do about it. I know the good points and the bad points. When it comes to comparing it with alcohol and cigarettes you are exactly right. Although I have never been a drinker, I have been around alcohol. Ask anyone who has been around both and they will tell you that marijuana is much less dangerous and the mental and physical toll that alcohol takes on a person is way worse. There is no comparison, really.

I do smoke cigarettes. I cannot seem to kick them. I was able to quit smoking marijuana immediately with very few side effects (some trouble sleeping and very little appetite). The “withdrawal” effects were very minor and didn’t last long, and that was after heavy use for over 20 years. I may never use marijuana again but I will always do what I can to promote legalization.

This is getting wordy. You don’t need to hear my life story. I guess I just wanted to say to keep up the fight. What you say is true whether people want to hear it or not. It takes bravery and conviction to do what you are doing. Our society is very hypocritical when it comes to many things. Alcohol and tobacco versus marijuana is one of those cases. I think the younger generation is starting to understand but there are also older people like me who are on your side. From what I have read from you, we have very similar views. That is a breath of fresh air for this area of Ohio.


Carl Jesse Whitehead


Thank you for your thoughtful letter. You are absolutely right: alcohol takes more of a toll on the mental and physical aspects of a person than does marijuana. I walked into the Washington Court House Kroger today and of course the first thing to the left side of the store is about 20,000 bottles of wine prominently displayed up front. You have to walk through the wine/liquor section just to get across the front of the store. They’re not even trying to be discreet about it even though it’s a dangerous substance. Alcohol is a substance that kills thousands of people each year and I hope to see more people focused on preventing its use.



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