Grace United Methodist celebrates 200 years


Have you noticed the small, white crosses displayed in yards about town recently? Chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the crosses which stand a little less than a foot in height and wondered about them.

A cross is a powerful symbol of suffering and anguish as well as victory and salvation for people practicing the Christian faith. For the members of the Grace United Methodist Church, these simple, white crosses are a reminder not only of what Christ has done for all of mankind, but also of a recent message given by the church pastor. The message included a story of an atheist living in Frankenmuth, MI who complained of a pair of crosses displayed on a local bridge.

After his complaint was heard and the city removed the crosses, he issued another complaint concerning the city’s logo which also displayed, among other symbols, a cross. At this point hundreds of the town’s Christians responded by proudly placing small, white crosses in their yards as a quiet but powerful statement and reminder of the town’s Christian foundation. Many of those crosses are still displayed today.

But Washington Court House and Frankenmuth are not the only cities founded on Christian principles. The United States of America was established by Christian men and women upon Christian principles. It is safe to say our nation is in many ways separating from her Christian roots, yet there are still people around this great country and in the city of Washington Court House who seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ; people who invite you to learn more about the great gift of salvation made available only through Jesus.

The people of Grace UMC welcome you to join us for Sunday morning services or one of our many outreach opportunities. As we celebrate 200 years as a church in Washington Court House, we hope you will inquire about the exciting goings-on at Grace UMC. Join us as we reach out to children by placing “bounce-houses” at Little League games, or as we seek to assist area school children with their dietary needs and studies. Get involved with us in our attempt to address the growing drug epidemic.

Come see us at The Well as we seek to offer clothing and other necessities to people in need. A lot is happening at Grace Methodist Church on Market Street. Some are as quiet as a small cross in the grass, and others are noisy and “bouncy,” but it all seeks to honor God and show Christ to the community.

Members of Grace United Methodist Church gather to paint over 400 handmade crosses. of Grace United Methodist Church gather to paint over 400 handmade crosses.

Grace United Methodist Church crosses, powerful symbols of faith. United Methodist Church crosses, powerful symbols of faith.

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