Deer Creek Daisy Garden Club holds early Christmas


The outside of the old School House at the fairgrounds looked like summer with the beautiful pink roses blooming, but the inside of the building had a Christmas feel to it as the Deer Creek Daisy Garden Club celebrated a early Christmas in November.

Hostesses Emily King, Joyce Schlichter and Kendra Knecht greeted the nine members. The room was decorated for Christmas. Gifts were placed under a group of lit trees with handmade cloth candy canes hanging from the branches. The dining table was set in gold and red with a centerpiece of Christmas greens and candles made by Kendra Knecht as the focal point.

Social hour was enjoyed with cranberry punch and appetizers provided by the hostess. During this time, a Candy IQ Test was given to the members. Some of the questions were: Where were Gummy Bears invented? (Germany); Matching slogans to candy: What was Cotton Candy originally called (Fairy Floss); What ingredient makes Pop Rocks pop in your mouth? (Carbon Dioxide); How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? (150-250); What’s the origin of the word Lollipop? (It was the name of a racehorse); Salt Water Taffy is made with sea water- True or False? (False- A Jersey shore candy seller allegedly came up with the name after his shop flooded with ocean water); How much did a Hershey Bar cost when it first hit store shelves? (five cents); Name the decades for different candies – Laffy Taffy (70’s) Nerds (80’s) Now & Later (60’s) Pixie Stix (50’s).

Everyone enjoyed reminiscing their childhood days. Some of the memories were the penny candy, paraffin lips and candy cigarettes we could get at the store in Jeffersonville and having a running tab at the store in South Plymouth. Game host Kendra gave out candy for each question and yes, everyone did correctly answer some and took candy home!

Following the fun social hour, dinner was prepared by Amanda Ivey of the Farmers Pantry and it was enjoyed by all.

Next came our gift exchange. As each received their package, host Joyce Schlicher gave members candy cane ornaments, which were handmade by her. It is always so much fun to not only receive a gift but also to see what fellow club members get. Dessert of red velvet cupcakes topped off the evening as the remainder of the evening was reminiscing.

A reminder that the Dec. 3 outing will be at the Golden Lamb with the viewing of the famous Lebanon Christmas Parade following lunch. RSVP is required.

The Deer Creek Daisy Garden Club recently celebrated an early Christmas at the School House at the fairgrounds. Deer Creek Daisy Garden Club recently celebrated an early Christmas at the School House at the fairgrounds.

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