More than a business


Are businesses only concerned about business? Not all of them. This past Sunday, Oct. 30, the Washington Court House Kroger store held its annual Halloween community event.

Shoppers of the community attended the event expecting it to be a nice, family-friendly activity and got just that. As far as entertainment for children, the store went all out. Members of the Kroger Cultural Council, a group made up of associates who wish to both give back to the community and make the store is a better place, asked student organizations for assistance with the project. The Washington Court House marching band and Miami Trace High School cheerleaders answered the call to help.

Cultural Council members facilitated the movement of resources throughout the event and, with the help of cheerleaders, helped make the different activity centers run efficiently. The outside attractions included bowling games, ring toss competitions, delicious hot dogs, DARE officer Adam Greenlee giving out candy and information, and the always essential Scooby Gang!

When the kids finished enjoying the outside stations, they could then come inside to find many other opportunities to have fun. Immediately walking in the door, a ventriloquist greeted everyone on their way to the trick or treat section which was headed by representatives of local businesses who were given the opportunity to set up tables near the checkout lanes. At their tables, the representatives gave out candy as well as information about what they offer the community.

Children were then given the chance to rest their shoulders, tired from carrying candy, and compete in a cake walk for even more sweet treats and prizes. Throughout the store, even more stations were set up for public enjoyment, including cookie decorating, picture coloring, dirt pudding creating, and sample tables. Nearing the expiration of the event, the Washington High School marching band, directed by Matt Stanley, took over the promotional aisle and filled the store with beautiful harmony.

By Jared Murphy

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