Charm-N-Farm holds seventh meeting


The seventh meeting of the Charm-N-Farm 4-H club was held May 22 at St. Colman Parish Center.

Secretary Kimberly Sollars called the meeting to order at noon. Courtney Arnold led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Therese Robinson led the 4-H pledge. Sollars performed roll call.

The advisor reported in the absence of treasurer Spencer Minyo. There was no old business. Under new business, the club discussed the possibility of a field trip, and finalized a date. In the advisor’s corner, Mary Kay and Bridget Sollars reminded the club that Officer Judging was due by the June 20. They also recognized Madisyn Callahan on receiving the Jean Brown 4-H Scholarship, and congratulated all of the seniors this year.

Trevor Minyo gave a demonstration on different heart rate zones. Trevor moved to adjourn the meeting, and Claudia Fuller seconded. Refreshments were provided by the Arnold Family and by Claudia Fuller.

By Trevor Minyo

Charm-N-Farm 4-H Club member

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