Carnegie Reader of the Week


The Carnegie Reader of the Week is Jenny Fountain, a retiree of Grange Mutual Insurance of Columbus.

What are you reading now? I am reading an Amish fiction book, “Plain Proposal” – a series of the Daughter of the Promise by Beth Wiseman.

What was the last great book you read? The Bible is the greatest book written. As for fiction, I adored reading the series about the Calder Family by: Janet Dailey. It is about the life of a ranch family and there are about 10 or 11 books in the series.

For me, reading is… My company and favorite pastime. If I’m feeling a bit lonely, I head for the Carnegie Public Library. All the employees there help keep me up on all the past and current books. If you ever need a great lift, feel free to go there. If you need the next sequel they will get it for you…always. I feel a part of their super family.

What book changed your life? One that I might mention is “The Shack” by: William Paul Young. I have read and reread this book. The book states it is fiction, but read every word and make your own decision. I can only say, as to not give away the plot, that it must be the worst sorrow that one can experience; to lose a precious child on what started out to be a happy family vacation. In the beginning, I read this story with my hands over my eyes, just barely looking through my fingers. Continuing, I read of God’s amazing love and the ways He can and does help us through the times we can’t comprehend. This helps me see Eternity and understand the Trinity more. By His grace how wonderful heaven must be. I believed, all over again.

What will inspire you to recommend a book? If it doesn’t have too many characters, it can hold my interest, offers some encouragement, if I can “live” with characters through the joys and sorrows of life and if I can say, “I’m so glad to have read this book!”

Do you keep track of the books you read or want to read? I try to, but I am nearly 88 years old and I’ve read thousands of books, thanks again to the Carnegie Public Library. However, it is getting harder to record each book. I would need a book just for this!

What are you reading next? I am reading an Amish fiction series called Lancaster Burning by: Linda Byler. I think this must by my very favorite author.

When or where do you like to read? One of my favorite places is in my comfortable chair in my living room. I like to read later at night if I’m a bit restive, I read a lot in bed too. I have a great love of books and sometimes I will even read at the library.

What do you read to unwind? I like all kinds of books, but the best are those with a message that I might think about.

Where do you look for book recommendations and upcoming releases? My darling daughter Dee helps me in my quest for good books, T.V., I get an abundance of help in the library magazine “The Book Page,” and looking at Walmart and Kroger.

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