What are you doing in your backyard?


The grandchildren were playing in the garden when I arrived. Vickey Leasure and her husband Bill have created many spaces for the grandchildren to explore.

Vickey has been an educator and believes environmental education is important and also doing their part in conservation efforts at home. She created a fairy garden for her favorite guest, her grandchildren.

Getting children outside has many benefits. Children stress level falls, fitness levels builds, and schools with environmental education programs score higher on standardized tests in math, reading and listening. Many studies have been done and there is research to back outdoor education benefits. The grandchildren, Layla and Billie Marani and Allis and Mack Leasure, also took me on a tour of the creek. Bill has mowed a path in an area that they have let grow up in trees and understory plants. It’s perfect along a creek to keep the water cool and encourages wildlife.

Additionally, a topped old tree with a tall stump left has become a perfect place for honey bees. Planting cucumbers and lavender around the stump with bees nearby probably increases yields. This makes for lots of good pickles that the family likes to make.

Bird feeders sit on top of the fence in the side yard and makes watching wildlife from the window enjoyable. The Leasure family also uses three rain barrels around their out buildings to help with watering. A variety of large trees also is in the yard. The ash borer beetles have taken a lot of ash trees, which reminds us that diversifying your tree plantings helps protect against invasive species wiping out an entire yard of large trees.

The last stop was the gazebo with ditch lilies around the structure. A perfect place for a family picture. Be inspired.

Call for a conservation audit and share what you do. We can give you ideas for conservation practices. Contact Brigitte Hisey, Natural Resource Specialist, Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District at 740-636-0279. Check us out on Facebook.

Vickey Leasure, Layla and Billie Marani, Allis and Mack Leasure, and Bill Leasure.
http://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2015/09/web1_Vickey-Leasure-Layla-and-Billie-Marani-Allis-and-Mack-Leasure-Bill-Leasure.jpgVickey Leasure, Layla and Billie Marani, Allis and Mack Leasure, and Bill Leasure.

By Brigitte Hisey

Fayette SWCD

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