Carnegie Reader of the Week


Jane Hickenbottom

The Carnegie Public Library Reader of the Week is Jane Hickenbottom, a homemaker.

Jane says she really enjoys Carnegie Library and it is one of the nicest she has been in over the years. “They offer so many things to the community and the employees are some of the nicest I have had the pleasure of dealing with!”

What are you reading now? To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

For me, reading is…A form of relaxation. I love to be carried away to a different place. I also love to read and learn new things. You are never too old to learn new things and the library is the best place to do it!

What book changed your life? The Holy Bible. It has taught me how to be a better person and how to treat other people.

What will inspire you to recommend a book? The writer. If I connect with the writer, love the setting, the characters, and they can carry me away to another place completely then I recommend the book to other people.

Do you keep track of the books you read or want to read? Sometimes. It depends on how many books the author has written and if I really like them. Then, I keep track to be sure I have read them all.

What are you reading next? I’m not sure. My mind is open to new authors. I read a little bit of everything.

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