Logos to meet Tuesday


Candy Pfeifer

Once we encounter Jesus, our lives are never the same. At that point we have to decide if we are going to believe (Greek – pistuo – trust in, rely on, be fully convinced of) or not! Whatever choice we make we are strongly affected either way.

We were created to love and serve God so nothing else will satisfy. God, however doesn’t force us to do anything. He gently draws us, always letting it be our decision. Even as people who have chosen to believe, it seems we consistently battle being up and then being down. Why is that?

We will talk more about this Tuesday night at Logos. Hope to see you there and do your best to bring someone who needs this.

Logos will be held on Tuesday, July 7 at Washington High School’s Liberty Hall, 1200 Willard St., at 7 p.m. Happy hour begins at 6 p.m. and will include homemade cookies and Starbucks coffee. Child care will be provided.

For more information, call 740-335-9641.

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