Packrat Crafters hold seventh meeting


Mariah Carter, president, called the seventh meeting of the Packrat Crafters to order at 7 p.m. on May 28.

The pledges were led by Megan Smith and Maggie Gilmore. Members answered roll call by naming their favorite summer activity. The minutes of the last meeting were then read by secretary Makayla Gilmore and the treasurer’s report was given by Ashlynn Thevenot. The only business on the agenda was all about the fair judgings, and donating awards for the fair.

Maddie Frye invited Pat Brinkman, a 4-H agent, to be a guest speaker for the meeting. She spoke to the members about how to protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen and wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Next members went to work stations. At station number one, the following members gave presentations about scrapbooking: Emma Miller told the steps of planning a scrapbook by choosing the book, a theme, and how to coordinate your paper colors, Megan Smith showed how to embellish your pages, Makayla Gilmore showed how to do a layout, and Abby Huffman brought her scrapbook and shared how she matted and embellished her pages about the family pets.

Photography members then gave the following presentations. Maddie Frye discussed the parts of a camera. Ashlynn Thevenot pointed out in her presentation what you see in a photo, and Brittney Wilson demonstrated how to take proper pictures.

At work station number two, Maggie Gilmore did her presentation on the colors in a color wheel for her Adventures in Home Living project.

Cooking and cake decorating members gathered at work station number three as they shared their experiences of baking and decorating cupcakes for their presentations. Mariah Carter showed the girls some decorating tips and gave them some advice on cake decorating. Emily Turner, Kennedy Kelley, Madison Gilmore, McKinley Kelley, and Morgan Reeves then shared their cupcakes with the members for refreshments.

It was then time to enjoy pizza and pop provided by Mackenzie Cartmell, Tyrena Cowman, Maddie Frye, and the advisors. Door prizes were won by Emma Miller, Kennedy Kelley, Emily Turner, and Madison Gilmore. The meeting was then adjourned by Madison Gilmore and Kennedy Kelley.

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