4-H: More than cows, plows, and sows


It’s been said more times than I can count, “but 4-H is more than the cows, plows, and sows.” 4-H is a place where all are welcome to try something new, make lasting friendships and memories, develop life skills and so much more. I mean our motto is “To Make the Best Better.”

Life is often about being willing to take a chance. Change and growth happen when we step outside of our comfort zone and we experience the world around us from a new perspective. Speaking from personal experience, that perspective and “chance” is often scary and uncomfortable, but many of the best things come out of trying that new thing.

Taking that first step and betting on yourself is, for some of us, one of the hardest things we will ever do. Believing in ourselves enough to trust that things will work out. This is one of those times we must decide, is the risk worth the reward?

4-H provides many of these opportunities to try something new and take that risk with minimal chances of failing. Just as in life there are instances that things or situations are out of our control. However, when taking those chances, our 4-H kids have their friends with them at camp or one of our caring advisors to help guide them in their projects and provide insight.

4-H is a program that has been built to help inspire curiosity, build lifelong skills, fuel adventure, and grow leaders. These are all the catch phrases we love to use but 4-H is really what you make of it. Do you have an interest? Something you’re passionate about? We want to help you learn more and thrive while pursing that passion. 4-H wants to help you grow and develop skills you weren’t aware were part of the experience, while doing something fun and engaging.

The trips, tours, camps, and other opportunities provided through 4-H are pretty endless. It just takes sharing that interest and stepping out of a comfort zone to embrace the possibility.

Yes, animals make up one of the most visible parts of the program, fair, but fair is just an opportunity to showcase all of the time, effort and energy kids have put into their 4-H projects. You could be a senior getting ready for college and learning how to do laundry for the first time, there’s a project for that! Thinking about getting a job or entering the workforce? There are a few projects for that. You grew a garden this year and are thinking about canning and freezing your produce? We have a project for you!

4-H has over 200 projects and often something for everyone. If you don’t find the right fit, that’s OK, we have self-determined projects for you to grow your interest. Have more questions, please visit www.fayette.osu.edu under 4-H Youth Development or contact our office at 740-335-1150 and we can help get you set up with one of our many fantastic clubs.

4-H enrollment within Fayette County ends March 1. Our clubs are just getting ready to starting meeting again, so let us help you find the right fit.

Lydia Ulry is the Extension Educator — 4-H Youth Development for the OSU Extension of Fayette County.

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