Miami Trace preschool to close June 1

By Martin Graham -

The Miami Trace Local Schools’ Board of Education decided this week to suspend and close the district’s preschool, effective June 1, and will not reopen it next year after approximately 30 years of service.

According to a resolution released by the district, “The board is not required under Ohio law to operate its own independent preschool program and, while the program was intended to be self-supporting, the district has seen decreased enrollment and has faced the need to transfer funds to the preschool in recent years in order to maintain its operations.”

“The MT Preschool has seen successes over the years, and we as a district have been very proud to offer it to our families,” Miami Trace Superintendent Kim Pittser said during Monday’s school board meeting. “While the non-required preschool was intended to be a self-supporting program when created in the mid 90s, the district has struggled with decreased enrollment and lack of funds, resulting in a need to transfer funds to support it.”

In addition, Pittser said that much has changed in public education since the inception of the preschool program, and the board must consider how to best distribute resources given the increased demands and needs in required service programs of the district, such as kindergarten.

“Miami Trace offers full-day kindergarten services compared to half-day service options,” Pittser said. “No matter the result, the board will continue to provide preschool services to all students eligible for special education within the district.”

In short, Pittser explained that if a student’s needs are able to be served by the district they will be ready to assist the child and their family however they can.

Therefore, the board determined that the preschool would close, and any nonrefundable deposits already paid to the board for the 2021-22 school year be refunded. The board also authorized the administration at Miami Trace to take all actions necessary for the closure.

Pittser also encouraged those with questions to contact Miami Trace Local Schools. The number for the district central office is (740) 335-3010.

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By Martin Graham