WCHCS admins show support for Class of 2020

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The Washington Court House City School (WCHCS) District family is thinking of their oldest students this week and is asking the community to help them celebrate their last year despite being forced to stay home due to COVID-19.

In a post on the district’s Facebook page this week, administrators were asking residents who know a senior to take the time to shower them with appreciation and love in this difficult time.

“As you can imagine our seniors are feeling a little blue,” the post said. “They are missing their final days of high school, celebrations and time with their friends. We would like to create an opportunity for our community to shower them with cards and well-wishes from family, friends, coaches, teachers, and members of our community. If you are willing, please consider sending your favorite senior(s) a memory you have of them, encouragement, best wishes or words of advice.”

The district is asking all cards and letters be sent directly to the high school at 400 S. Elm St. in Washington Court House (Ohio, 43160). All cards and letters should include the name of the senior as part of the address, or can just say “Senior Send in” instead and they will be equally distributed throughout the members of the class. All submissions need to be made no later than May 15.

Trevor Patton, director of Marketing and Communication at WCHCS, wrote on Tuesday:

“No matter what our graduates do after their time at Washington High School, a student’s senior year is a landmark year of a person’s life. Whether our students become employed in the local workforce, enroll in higher education, or enlist in our country’s armed forces, the senior year is a pivotal point in a person’s life. Many of life’s best memories are made with classmates in a senior year, and this class is at risk of losing these moments in their lives. It’s what they work for after countless days of waking up early to learn, and staying up late to study. It’s the culminating celebration of the achievements of their life thus far.

“Imagine playing tee ball, coach pitch, Little League, and middle school ball, with hopes of making the varsity lineup — one last chance to play the game you love before never stepping between the chalk again — only to have your senior season on the ball diamond taken away. Imagine skipping hanging out with your friends and taking that extra evening or weekend shift to save up enough money for that perfect senior prom dress, only to now have the possibility of never having a senior prom. The senior musicians face the possibility of never making beautiful music and performing with their friends in their senior sendoff shows.

“Meanwhile, while facing the possibilities of these unfinished opportunities, our senior class has been the most resilient out of everyone. They are working hard in their remote learning, they are interacting with each other through social media and phone calls, and they are reaching out to classmates to provide support and love to each other during this time of physical distancing.

“They say that young people roll with the punches much easier than adults, and it is evident during this time of stay home Ohio. These seniors, the same ones who are facing losing many traditional memories that typical senior classes get to experience, are resilient in their journey to make new and unique memories with their classmates during this time.

“Dating back to 1876, there have been 143 senior classes at Washington High School, each making their mark in the Blue Lion history books. The WHS Class of 2020 is working together to make their legacy unforgettable for generations to come.

“We are optimistic that the actions taken in our state will help flatten the curve and get us back on track, but we must be flexible as new information is available each day. Tentatively we are excited to see our Blue Lions back in the building on Monday, April 6th, but our team is also preparing alternative options for everything in case this shutdown is extended for a longer period of time.

“Whether you are a Blue Lion Alumni yourself, or someone who has made our community your home, I encourage you to send a letter, card, or well wishes on a piece of notebook paper to the school.

“In the past few weeks, our community has done a tremendous job of stepping up to help each other out in this unprecedented time. Today, we are asking for your help in brightening the day of someone in the WHS Class of 2020. I’d love to see our mailboxes overflowing with love and support to our students from community members for the next month.”

Additionally, Washington High School Principal Tracy Rose also shared compassion for the class:

“Despite the ‘senioritis’ that hits many soon to be graduates as they can’t wait to leave high school and enter the real world to be treated like adults, not kids, many sense the end of a life as they know it and it’s scary. This is the case for each and every senior class but this class is feeling it so much more.

“Imagine missing out on your final days in a life you know and have learned to be very comfortable with. Imagine missing out on your last official school sponsored athletic competitions, club meetings, and school dance. This senior class is about to live just that. They were born during the 9/11 terror attacks and now this.

“They need as much support and attention as we can give them as they try to finish an already daunting task, graduating, but now doing it without much of the support and interaction that usually accompanies the end of your school career. Our senior class is a group of wonderfully talented and compassionate individuals and they need our love and support to finish strong.

“Please help us give them the push they need and deserve during this very trying time in their lives.”


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