Charm-N-Farm 4-H club holds third meeting

By Trevor Minyo - Charm-N-Farm News Reporter

The third meeting of the Charm-N-Farm-H club was held on Jan. 24, 2016 at St. Colman Parish Center.

President Madison Callahan called the meeting to order at 12 noon. Clare Sollars led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Jillian Sollars led the 4-H pledge. Secretary Kimberly Sollars performed roll call, and members answered with their favorite animal. Treasurer Spencer Minyo reported to the club who had paid dues. Environmental Officer Claudia Fuller gave a report to the club on why you should recycle. News Reporter Trevor Minyo gave the club a report on the articles he had submitted to the paper.

Under old business, President Callahan reminded all members that dues and enrollment forms were due today. Under new business, members were told about the Cooking and Sewing Fun Night. In the advisor’s corner, advisor Mary Kay Sollars told members about upcoming dates on the county 4-H calendar.

Spencer Minyo gave a demonstration on macro photography. Jill Sollars moved to adjourn the meeting, and Laura Robinson seconded. The Charm-N-Farm 4-H club would like to remind you that 4-H week is Feb. 8 to Feb. 13. Planned events include the 4-H open house on Feb. 9.

For more information, contact the Fayette County OSU Extension Office.

By Trevor Minyo

Charm-N-Farm News Reporter